Did A Member Of The Hogan’s Heroes Cast Commit Bob Crane’s Murder?

Hogan’s Heroes Mystery: How Did Bob Crane Die?

Crane was at the point in his profession that he was doing dinner theater in Arizona, instead of taking on glamorous roles in Hollywood. In the seven years since Hogan’s Heroes ended its impressive 168 episode run on CBS, Crane’s star had fallen far from leading man to a sporadic guest star on television series like Quincy M.E. and The Love Boat.

The downturn in his career wasn’t due to aging or a lack of acting chops, Crane had an addiction that turned Hollywood producers against him. He wasn’t shooting up drugs or showing up to sets drunk, but Crane had a hobby that made him made him un-castable and may have even led to his death.

The married father of three loved the ladies and regularly stepped out on his high school sweetheart, Anne Terzian, by using his celebrity status to woo women. Not only was the leading Lothario a serial cheater, he also had a habit of documenting his sexual conquests with photos and videos.

When police found Crane’s body in 1978, his apartment was full of home video equipment that he regularly used to film amateur pornography, and the only thing missing was a camera tripod that police believe he was bludgeoned to death with.

“Eventually, you’ll find out there’s a husband of theirs that’s lurking out there,” Crane chillingly foreshadowed in a 1969 interview. “I think all single people should have a card verified by the pope that they’re single, so you don’t wake up someday and find a gun to your head because you didn’t hear footsteps.”

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