English country village painting

English country village painting

Propelville – Life of Bert and Jordan

Part 7 (August 29)

Before the Bert lay a plump, short almost-two-dimensional green tail.  As the Bert further peeled back the blanket, he found the owner of the tail: a dinosaur!  But not just any old dinosaur.  Moreover, this dinosaur had a red shell attached to its back and wore bright orange-yellow kicks.  The dinosaur was laying still with belly face up and covered by a large mixing bowl and dribbled with still-wet lumps of batter.  Why, it was a Moshi – looking just like the character of the Bert’s choice in Super Duper Kart.

The Moshi began to stir awake, rub its eyes, then sit up with a sloppy, happy grin and slowly focused onto the Bert, who was standing rather excitedly in front of the Moshi.  That was when the Bert found his voice: “You’re a Moshi!”

The Moshi, still in a bit of a daze, responded lazily: “I’m Moshi.”

Meanwhile, the Bert remembered his very important mission.

“You!  You’ve been waking me up in the mornings!!”


“Don’t Moshi me!  You’ve been shrieking in my backyard at ungodly hours – I know it’s you because my Reverberator found you,” the Bert explained with the air of a detective reciting his brilliant deductions.

“Wait a minute . . .” the Bert continued.  “You were after my delightful, bountiful raspberries – weren’t you?”

The Moshi grinned with guilty pleasure but shook its head as if coming out of a day dream.  The Moshi then sat up right and cleared its throat before calmly speaking: “I am Moshi!  Lost on mission. Propelville trouble.”

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