The Best of 2020: Top 20 New TV Series of 2020

The Best of 2020: Top 20 New TV Series of 2020

Written By – C. A. Ponch

Everyone loves shiny new things and during the year of doom and gloom, the new TV series of 2020 shined like diamonds. Historical pieces ruled 2020 with creators giving us modern fresh takes on the past. Streaming services keep blurring the lines between what is a TV show and what is a film with Oscar nominated creators like Steve McQueen, Scott Frank, Jordan Peele, and Tony McNamara turning their talents to TV, with only breaks and run times separating them.

Mini-Series Are Becoming Very Popular

The majority of the quality of the shows on this list is at the same level of an Oscar worthy film. I started to see the beginning of a change in the way people want to consume TV in 2020, mini-series are becoming very popular. People do not want to invest in binging full seasons anymore, especially series with 20 plus episodes. They also don’t seem to want to watch a ton of movies.

We Demand Depth

They want full stories with depth and intricacy told in chapters that they can come back to the following evening and finish in a few hours. I think we are going to see more creators add context and depth to projects they originally planned as films, giving us more mini-series in the near future. Most of my favorite projects of the year were released as miniseries in 2020, and they make up a majority of this list. If you haven’t had the chance to view some of these yet, I highly recommend the top 10 and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Our “Best of 2020” has been separated into Best Documentaries, the Top Films of 2020, the Top Returning TV series of 2020, and the Top New TV series of 2020. Please feel free to debate and check out some of our other “Best of 2020” lists on!


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