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car on fire


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July 27, 2023



Watch A FedEx Driver Save A Man From A Burning Vehicle

A heroic Southern California FedEx driver was filmed pulling a highway crash victim out of a burning vehicle.

In the dramatic video, an unnamed FedEx driver dragged an injured man on the shoulder of a busy San Diego freeway from a car that was engulfed in flames.

The incident began early Wednesday morning, when a 28-year-old man “veered” out of the right lane at nearly 3:00am, and smashed his Toyota Camry into a guardrail.

The car instantly caught on fire, and luckily for the driver, the FedEx driver saw the smoke and was inspired to risk his life to help.

“As soon as I saw the car, it was still actively on fire. You gotta stop to see if you can do anything at all,” the delivery driver told ABC 10.

While the Camry was fully burning, the FedEx driver bravely ran to the vehicle and opened the passenger side door.

The injured man was trapped inside due to a serious injury, so his rescuer bravely reached in to unbuckle his seat belt and yank the man out of the flaming Toyota.

In the video, the FedEx driver can be seen dragging the man by both arms along the shoulder of the highway away from the vehicle.

The rescue was incredibly timely, as a local news outlet reported that the Camry became a fireball after a “series of explosions” right after the man was pulled out of the car.

The injured driver was conscious, but unable to walk, as he was pulled across the concrete.

Another motorist attempted to fight the blaze with a fire extinguisher until first responders arrived on scene.

The Camry driver was rushed to Sharp Memorial hospital to treat a serious, but not life threatening leg injury.

California Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash, but said that illicit substances were not involved.

Watch the full video here on YouTube.

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