The Best of 2020: The Year in Music – Top 30 Albums of 2020

By C. A. Ponch / May 31, 2021 /

Music in 2020 was a deep reflection of the type of lives we led last year. The music was intimate as most people listened to their song choices, alone in the comfort of their own homes.

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The Best of 2020: Top 20 Movies of the Year

By C. A. Ponch / May 15, 2021 /

In 2020, only 329 movies were released to the public. That is almost 500 less than what are released on average in a typical year. There wasn’t a single movie nominated for Best Picture that had a budget over 35 million.

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Binge Watch – Top List of TV Shows #50 to #1 (2010-2019)

By C. A. Ponch / May 16, 2020 /

Written and Ranked By: C. A. Ponch As a reminder – To qualify for the list I followed these basic guidelines: I watched at least three to five episodes of each show from my list of TV shows. Finishing most first seasons of every series on this list. Some shows were so bad that it…

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