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English country village painting

Propelville – Life of Bert and Jordan

Part 1 & 2 (May) Once upon a time, there was a Bert and a Jordan in a small village …

Depression – Amanda & The Urban Nerd Herd

Amanda helps fight depression Fight depression. This is a personal sense very close to my heart. A few years ago, …

COVID 19 – Change… Change… Oh That Word!

Our lives change due to COVID 19 It’s 5:30 ish in New York, a mid March 2020 morning. As I …

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Behind the scenes Ali thumbnail

(RECAP) Behind The Scenes | Film Makers

Your Everyday Heroes spotlights the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In doing so, we wish to break down the belief that the word “hero” is reserved only for fictional characters or the rich and famous. Because when we attach heroism to standards that are unattainable for most people, we are dismissing our own potential to be heroes. 

Damon Lamar Reed

(RECAP) Damon Reed | Inspirational Mural Artist

local neighborhoods he represents in his paintings and murals. Reed’s artwork can be seen on the walls of notable galleries, but plenty of it is available for free to the public. His nearly 100 murals can be found sprinkled throughout inner-city communities in Chicago.

Laurynas Buzinskas

(RECAP) Laurynas Buzinskas | Mural Artist

Lithuanian born graffiti artist Laurynas Buzinskas had a love for street art from a young age. His infatuation with tagging put him at odds with his parents, placed his academic career in jeopardy, and almost landed a him in jail before he was out of high school.

Yecson Preciado Thumbnail

(RECAP) Yecson Preciado | Boxing Instructor

Yecson Preciado was born and raised in Guayaquil, a port city which serves as Ecuador’s commercial capital, but also has the highest poverty rate in the country. He was brought up by a dangerous father who regularly abused him as a child. At just ten-years-old, Yecson had enough and chose to run away to live on the dangerous streets, rather than be beaten by his parent.

(Social Cut) Vick Lee | Inspirational Chicago Filmmaker

In November of 2020, she was unfortunately diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, a disease notorious for its low survival rate. Despite the severity of her condition, her drive to create and inspire remains unhindered. Inspirational cancer stories like Lee’s never fail to remind us that time is precious.

Damon Lamar Reed

(TEASER) Damon Reed | Inspirational Mural Artist

Damon in his own words, “I want to show the world that, yes, we are still searching, and we’re gonna keep going until we find answers, until we find resolution.”

Yecson Preciado 12

(Teaser) Yecson Preciado | Boxing Instructor

One Minute long Teaser trailer for Yecson’s Inspirational Story – check out the Full Version.

Alex Levesque

Alex LeVesque – Helping Teenagers – Mentoring Gang Members

Alex Levesque – A helping hand For this everyday hero, Alex LeVesque, owner of AMG – Automotive Mentoring Group, is …

Alex Levesque Gray

Alex LeVesque | Former Gang Member Mentor | Teaser

Watch the trailer for Alex LeVesque’s video about how he mentors former youth gang members and teaches them to restore classic cars in the process.

Alex Levesque Gray

Alex LeVesque | Gang Member Mentor | Automotive Educator (Recap)

Alex Levesque is the founder of the Automotive Mentoring Group (AMG), a nonprofit that works to counter gang violence in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

Alex Levesque Green Text
Featured Story

Alex LeVesque | Mentoring Gang Members with Classic Cars

Alex LeVesque is the founder of the Automotive Mentoring Group (AMG), a nonprofit that works to counter gang violence in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

Alex Levesque Green

Alex LeVesque: One More Thing…

Alex LeVesque gives Your Everyday Heroes a piece of advice.

Alex Levesque Gray

Alex LeVesque: What Does It Mean To Be A Hero

Alex LeVesque, a mentor of former Chicagoland gang members, describes what his definition of a hero is.

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