English country village painting

English country village painting

Propelville – Life of Bert and Jordan

Part 3 (June) in Propelville

The Jordan rushed off, charging up and down the hills, eager and excited but having forgotten to close the door behind him.  In what seemed like an instant, the Jordan arrived at the Bert’s front door and reached high for a door bell which sat nearly too high for the Jordan to reach.  *Ding dong*  No answer.  So, he tried again.  *Ding dong* He waited a minute more impatiently and tried to visit through the garden gate in the back of the house.  Subsequently, the Jordan sneaked through the back gate, first poking his head in and yelling out “Anyone home?!”  No answer.  He thought to himself, how strange and peculiar… the Bert was always home this early in the morning

Sadly, he peered glumly over at the raspberries glistening in the back of Bert’s garden… perhaps he’d have to try again tomorrow.  He walked with his head down, Charlie-Brown style, all the way back towards his side of the hills.

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