English country village painting

English country village painting

Propelville – Life of Bert and Jordan

Part 5 (July 19) in Propelville

“Aha!” the Bert yelped out triumphantly.  He pressed a bright triangular yellow button on the curling-iron-like device and it repeated the sound it had just absorbed: “Qehhhhquuhhhqeeeehhhhhquuuh!”  

“It’s only a matter of time until I find you now…” the Bert sniggered.  


When the Jordan arrived in front of his humble, smurf-shaped home, he gloomed past his kitchen into his bedroom which was normally brightly lit but was cast under the shadows of a dark cloud of the Jordan’s disappointment.  

He took a moment to gather his baking thoughts.  What if . . . raspberries and white chocolate… but marshmallows and fudge instead?  With a newfound excitement, he rushed toward the kitchen and dived toward the mixing bowl where he’d begun concocting the base of his cookie scone.  But the mixing bowl was not on the kitchen counter.  He looked over and under the cabinets.  He searched his cold storage crevices and checked his food shelves.  Yet the mixing bowl was nowhere to be found.  


The Jordan’s shocked, horrified, shrill, belligerent, harrowing, and most of all hangry sound could be heard across multiple hills throughout the land. 

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