English country village painting

English country village painting

Propelville – Life of Bert and Jordan

Part 8 (September 10) in Propelville

The Moshi explained of trouble – dismay!  A long stretch down the hills where the Bert and the Jordan played, and maybe a forest or two away, a once-upon-a-town had been attacked by a villainous monster with a googly gaze.  The Moshi had run and run until it could not.  It did not even know what it sought.  But the Bert’s delightful garden had caught the Moshi’s eyes.  It screeched with joy, relief, and pain.  A hunger pain, in fact.

The Bert felt bad. Or was it sad?  Or a wee bit mad?  A googly eyed monster was just a forest away!?  The Bert had his doubts but decided to stay.  He then brought out raspberries that were a little smooshed in the head, and placed them on his hand for the Moshi to be fed.  As a result, the Moshi’s eyes bulged with desperate delight.  Without missing a beat, the Moshi’s tongue whipped up the crimson treat.  

“Yum-k you!” the Moshi blurted.

“And now, I guess . . . we can come up with a plan at my home.  I suppose.” The Bert reluctantly offered.  

Likewise, the Moshi nodded and tagged along as the Bert trailed back over the hills.

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