English country village painting

English country village painting

Propelville – Life of Bert and Jordan

Part 4 (July 1)

On the other hand, the Bert was having an awful morning.  He woke up on the wrong side of bed, causing him to stumble and crash into his Marbellous Avengers Unite Lego city that he’d spent three months building.  If that wasn’t enough, he brushed his hair the wrong way, burnt his eggs and bacon and even found out that his favorite show was cancelled.  And he knew what was to blame for this wretched morning… a strange and loud screeching that woke him up an hour early!  The third time this week!  

The Bert had had enough and knew what he had to do next: find the source of the horrible noise.  He picked and gathered a batch of his delicious raspberries in a small lunch box then grabbed his new purchased device, courtesy of Anazonia of course.  He carefully pushed some buttons and tweaked some switches on this long, mysterious device reminiscent of a curling iron.  Instead of using this curling iron on his hair, the Bert adjusted the settings juuuust right and – “Qehhhhquuhhhqeeeehhhhhquuuh!”  

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