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Motorcycle Ride – Harley Davidson American Heroes – Helping our Veterans

Harley Davidson ride puts together trips across the USA. Raising funds for our veterans. Surprisingly, the motorcycle ride usually takes about two months.

by M. Cardinal

About the motorcycle ride

Harley Davidson ride puts together trips across the USA. Raising funds for our veterans. Surprisingly, the motorcycle ride usually takes about two months. There are riders from all across the country. Also, other countries come to ride. They start in California. They go across farmlands and cities. Roaring on their Harley Davidsons motorcycles. 

Men and women ride in this experience. For example, Macanudo Cigar is a great supporter of the famed Route 66 cross country event. 100% of the money raised is donated to the Harley Heroes. Over the years, the money this event has raised has done so much for those veteran families in need. Many veterans themselves are part of the Harley Davidson ride. This is even more encouraging. It helps motivate others to join the crusade. When you ride with this group, everyone is like a family.

harley davidson american heroes

Harley Davidson American Heroes Discovering Our Country

This is no quick or boring ride. Moreover, the route takes each rider to many areas. A typical person would not even know these areas existed. As one American Heroes rider said, “the person who wrote America the Beautiful must have taken the same trip he had just completed.” It’s breathtaking!!! It travels through a large part of our country. Therefore, it allows riders to get a glimpse of the diversity found across our land.

A couple enjoying the motorcycle ride. More everyday heroes riding to support our veterans.

Participating in the Harley Davidson motorcycle ride

These proud participants riding Harley Davidson, as they roar through towns, cities, and farmland get together to ride together. They share the experiences of a motorcycle ride on the saddle of their Harley Davidson. Moreover, under the banner of HOG. To clarify, the Harley Davidson American Heroes riders are very diverse. However, they do have two things in common. To sum up, their love for Harley Davidson motorcycles and their love for their country. American Heroes are definitely beautiful. From sea to shining sea!

Note from Your Everyday Heroes

Who doesn’t love Harley Davidson Motorcycles. I personally, couldn’t even tell you another brand of Motorcycle. Isn’t that where the term “Back of a Hog” comes from? Omg, i just looked this up, The term “HOG” is in fact a part of the Harley Davidson history all the way back to 1920. The team after they would win a race would put a pig on the back of their bikes and ride the victory lap. Soon that became the “Harley Hog” and then, just simply “Hog” which quickly became the slang term for the motorcycle.

I’m down the rabbit hole now, so. Did you know that the NYSE symbol for Harley Davidson was changed to HOG in 2006? This was due to the fact that they couldn’t trademark the name. I can’t believe that’s true. LOL.

Well now, The Labor Hall of Fame is a thing? William Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, and William Davidson, back in 2004 were all inducted into the Labor Hall of Fame. They pooled their resources and had crazy dedication back when they started the company. The Labor Hall of Fame was changed to the Hall of Honor in 2013 and in 2018, the Hall of Honor inducted Ronald Reagan for his work with the Screen Actors Guild. You needed to know this. The term Harley David American Heroes does not do them justice.


Video Production: Rocko Productions
Review Written By: M. Cardinal
Date Written: Feb 27th, 2020
Your Everyday Hero: Harley Davidson American Heroes

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Ride FAQs

What is special about the Harley Davidson route 66 motorcycle ride?

US Highway 66, popularly known as “Route 66,” is significant as the nation’s first all-weather highway linking Chicago to Los Angeles. When contrasted with transcontinental corridors such as the Lincoln Highway and US Highway 40, Route 66 does not stand out as America’s oldest or longest road.

What are the best landmarks to see on the Harley Davidson route 66 motorcycle ride?

– London Bridge.
– Seligman.
– Grand Canyon South Rim.
– Wigwam Village.
– The Petrified Forest.
– Sky City.
– Cadillac Ranch.
– Chain of Rocks Bridge.

Why is this Harley Davidson motorcycle ride so popular.

Harley Davidson Route 66 is iconic — a symbol of a changing America. Known as “America’s Highway” during its heyday, Route 66 was driven by millions of drivers between Illinois and California. … The same plan for national highways that birthed Route 66 also helped bury it. After World War II, the highway system needed an overhaul.

Does Harley Davidson give veteran discounts?

Harley Davidson offers a military discount that includes no down payment, reduced rates, and flexible term options. Military members receive a 5% discount and free APO/FPO on all Harley-Davidson Military Sales merchandise purchased through the Exchange.

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