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What Makes Brett Eastburn An Everyday Hero?

by Nolan Hawk

Brett Eastburn wears many hats: As a motivational speaker, comedian, and, most recently, Twitch streamer, he certainly likes to keep busy. And when one considers that he was born without limbs, his day-to-day routine seems even more surprising. 

But to Brett, he is simply living, as he does not allow his condition to define him. He is not “a comedian with no arms or legs.” He is simply a comedian. His goal is to inspire, to make everyone in his audience see their own potential for greatness.

But how did Brett come to be the hero he is today? Well, like anything else in life, it was a path paved with obstacles. But, as Brett says, “obstacles can be overcome.”

The Early Life of Brett Eastburn

While Brett believes that his inherent tenacity would have taken him far in life, he cites the unwavering support of his parents as something that set him on the right path early on. 

To them, he was just Brett, and they treated him as such, raising him as they would a son born under average circumstances. They never told him he couldn’t do the things that his peers did. 

Of course, growing up, Brett did encounter plenty of naysayers, but their discouragements had the inverse of their intended effect. 

Brett Eastburn 22

Brett felt driven to prove his doubters wrong, and in high school, he did so by playing a plethora of sports, including basketball, swimming, and wrestling, the latter of which he was especially successful in, placing 4th in the 1988 AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) national wrestling competition.

Brett Eastburn Discovers His Love for Public Speaking

While playing sports proved to both Brett himself and others that he was as capable of success as the so-called “normal” kids, it didn’t fulfill his true passion of helping people. In his early adulthood, he took up motivational speaking, attempting to relay to others all the wisdom he had garnered throughout his life. 

Brett Eastburn 19

“I discovered very early on that in just going out and enjoying my life—being prosperous—people see that and start to realize their own potential,” he said.

Given his unique background, it didn’t take long for Brett to reach an audience, and before long he was performing at schools, churches, and military and police groups, among other venues. 

Still, in an attempt to appeal to even more people, he decided to make his act more palatable to the masses: He added stand-up comedy.

Brett Eastburn’s Approach to Stand-Up Comedy

Brett has a knack for making people laugh; however, his comedy serves a greater purpose than this. It is a sort of extension to his motivational speaking. Many of his jokes are self-referential, including observations of the ways in which he is perceived, plus humorous rebuttals to these perceptions. 

In the same way that his athletic achievements were driven by the discouragements of his naysayers, Brett goes into each stand-up set expecting to be perceived by some as pitiful; this just gives him a chance to prove that this is not the case, that he is simply a talented comedian. 

Later into his sets, after winning over the audience, he incorporates inspirational elements, ensuring that people leave with not only a more positive perception of him, but a more positive perception of themselves.

His knack for comedy has taken him to countries across the world, including Japan, Panama, Canada, Switzerland, and Mexico. Outside of motivational speaking, he authored the self-book I’m Not Missing Anything in 2011.

In What Ways Is Brett Eastburn an Everyday Hero?

Many would call Brett heroic for simply living his life, something he comes across often: “Most of my most outstanding achievements weren’t even that outstanding to me, as they were just me doing normal things. Like, I’ve been applauded for eating a hamburger by myself,” Brett said. 

What people fail to realize about Brett is that he is not a hero for living his life like a normal person, as he is a normal person. He is heroic because he strives to motivate others. 

“I like to know that I’ve affected some people, but I don’t wanna know the amount that I’ve touched people’s lives. I think it would be too much for my little brain to handle,” he said.

Brett Eastburn 11

What Are Brett Eastburn’s Goals?

About a year ago, Brett, for the first time in his life, became aware of his own mortality. 

After recovering from a heart attack, it became imperative that he kick his work into hyperdrive: He believes that if he were to be featured on a show like America’s Got Talent, he would be able to spread his positive message to more people than he ever has before.

Brett Eastburn 37

“But if I don’t achieve that goal, I’ll just find another venue, another show,” he said.

Brett sees being featured on America’s Got Talent as more of a vehicle by which he can achieve his ultimate, more abstract goal of touching the lives of as many people as he possibly can.

“It’s only over when I say, ‘I can’t,’” he said.

Brett Eastburn Is a Hero

Some, if not most, people would consider Brett’s story a tragic one. However, he lives a life filled with love, happiness, and accomplishment. He has never allowed his condition to become an excuse for not pursuing his goals. 

And despite the difficulties that life has thrown his way, he has found the time to share a message of encouragement with the world.

Watch Brett’s Full Inspirational VIDEO.

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