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Alejandro Morales | We Have A Waste Problem

Alejandro Morales says the world has a waste problem.

by Nolan Hawk

Alejandro Morales is a hero to his community for his dedication to keeping their beaches clean and producing construction materials out of the plastic trash he has collected.

Watch More Of Alejandro’s Videos About Turning Beach Trash Into Sustainable Treasure

Teaser Trailer – Watch the teaser trailer to find out how Alejandro “Che” Morales turns plastic bottle caps into sustainable building materials for his community in Costa Rica.

Feature Trailer – Watch the full trailer for plastic upcycler Alejandro “Che” Morales’ feature documentary.

Video Recap – Did you miss Alejandro “Che” Morales’ feature documentary “Turning Beach Trash Into Treasure?” Watch the recap to get caught up.

Music Video – Listen to Tarante Groove Machine’s viral hit “Babylon,” set to scenes from Alejandro’s feature documentary.

Feature Documentary – Learn all about how Alejandro keeps Costa Rica’s beaches clean and converts discarded plastic into upcycled building materials in “Turning Beach Trash Into Treasure.”

On Free Thought – Alejandro describes how making the right decisions led to the creation of the the LECO Project.

What Is Your Dream – Find out how Alejandro wants to expand the LECO Project into an organization that cleans plastic from the open ocean.

Transforming Plastic – Alejandro doesn’t upcycle plastic into building materials for the recognition he gets, he’s doing it to make the world a better place.

Trash Talk – Alejandro explains how important it is for the population to be aware about how much trash we each individually generate.

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