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Forget The Limo: Senior Takes A Tank To Prom

by Nolan Hawk

When high school junior Sherman Bynum told his potential date that he’d be “tankful” to take her to the prom, he wasn’t just being pithy.

The teenage tank enthusiast became a bonafide legend when he and his date rolled up to the Camas High School prom in World War II tank.

“We don’t like normal very much,” the Oregon resident told local outlet WJHG-News this week.

“I think the quote that we’ve been repeating a lot today is, you know, today’s the day, man. And we’re feeling really good.”

Bynum came up with the idea in February, when he learned that his high school was hosting the prom at the Portland Art Museum, but made some initial inquires that didn’t pan out.

“I made some phone calls to a group in Minnesota that rents battle tanks out for you to select for builders and stuff,” he remarked. “They were like $20,000, you know, and that’s happening.”

He also tried a local museum, and while they were unable to rent him an armored fighting vehicle, they did connect him with someone who could.

Bynum contacted Steve Greenburg, who owns a M3A1 Stuart tank from WWII, and struck a deal for battle-worthy escort to the dance.

He looped in his best friend, senior Sam Tetro, and the the pair created a clever social media video to help raise funds needed to make his outlandish idea happen.

“The price tag is $1000. And so we decided to turn a GoFundMe by the end of the night,” Brynum detailed to KOIN 6 News.

“When that GoFundMe is posted, we had about 570 bucks, we’d reached the next goal within the next few days.”

The high school junior made sure he had all his ducks in a row, so his epic stunt wouldn’t be ruined by law enforcement.

“This act will be perfectly legal,” he explained. “According to all documents provided by the State of Oregon, and the information about the tank, we will be safely within road limits, and legal to carry this out. We are just looking to have fun and make a scene.”

Bynum maximized the fun by hiring a unicycle riding flaming bagpipe player to escort the tank in to the “Star Wars” theme song.

“Live your life to the fullest. That’s what it’s all about,” the young man added wisely.

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