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Jeremy Levine | Rehabilitating Monkeys At Wild Sun Rescue | Recap

Jeremy Levine is the founder and director of Wild Sun Rescue.

by Nolan Hawk

Jeremy Levine is the founder and director of Wild Sun Rescue. Based in Cabuya, Costa Rica, Wild Sun Rescue is a non-profit organization that is “dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of our local wildlife… continuously striving to find solutions to the threats they face.” 

While the organization serves a variety of species, its primary focus is the survival of howler monkeys, who, due to human interaction, have lost much of their habitat in Costa Rica.

How Did Jeremy Levine End Up in Costa Rica?

Jeremy was born and raised in the state of New York. While he has always possessed a love for animals, he initially saw himself entering a career in film, hence his decision to major in film at Syracuse University. 

After graduation, he moved to Southern California in an attempt to both escape New York’s cold climate and break into the film industry. 

Jeremy Levine 40

While in California, he developed yet another passion: business. He began an MBA program at the University of Southern California. 

Between semesters, he traveled to Costa Rica to learn Spanish, which he felt would make him a more viable candidate for jobs within the business world. 

He fell in love with the country, and he decided he would found his first business there.

What Led to Jeremy Levine Becoming a Conservationist?

Down the road from Jeremy’s first business, an animal rescue center had recently closed down.

Prior to its closing, Jeremy had forged a friendship with the owner, who suggested to him that he pick up where she left off and preserve the legacy of the rescue center. He saw this as a golden opportunity.

Jeremy Levine 35

“I thought of myself as a 10 year-old,” he said. “I would become what would’ve been my own hero when I was that age.”

And thus Wild Sun Rescue was born.

What Exactly Do Jeremy Levine and Wild Sun Rescue Do?

Essentially, Wild Sun Rescue’s goal is to nurse injured animals, primarily monkeys, back to health then re-release them into the wild. 

Due to negative human interaction (i.e. habitat destruction, hit and runs, and electrocutions), much of Cabuya’s wildlife population lives in a heightened state of danger. 

This is especially true for monkey populations, who, because of deforestation, often can’t swing from tree to tree, resulting in life-threatening falls. 

Jeremy Levine 33

Additionally, electrocutions are common occurrences for the species, as 98% of Costa Rica’s power lines are uninsulated.

After being nursed back to health, the wildlife are placed in a controlled environment with limited human interaction. 

In addition to wildlife rescue, Wild Sun Rescue hosts internship programs for prospective biologists and veterinarians, giving those pursuing careers in these fields the opportunity to gain invaluable real-world experience. 

What Are Jeremy Levine’s Goals?

In collaboration with Vernon Arias, Jeremy assisted in the rerelease of the scarlet macaw species into the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. 

Jeremy Levine 17

Seeing the macaws repopulate the region has been incredibly inspiring for Jeremy, and he wishes to see the same happen with another endangered species, the spider monkey. 

“The conservation of the spider monkey is our aspiration,” he said. 

Jeremy Levine Is a Hero

By founding Wild Sun Rescue, Jeremy is using his knowledge of business to do more than simply achieve financial success. 

Jeremy Levine 5

He is sacrificing his time and money for the good of the world around him. To him, the knowledge that once-injured animals are able to roam free once again is payment enough for his hard work. 

Wild Sun Rescue Resources

Learn more about Wild Sun Rescue Center.


Donate to Wild Sun by becoming a member, making a wish list purchase, or with a one-time gift.

Sponsor the care of a specific animal by symbolically adopting one.

Help Wild Sun expand and improve wildlife enclosures for sick, injured and orphaned animals.

Shop Wild Sun merch, where 100% of the proceeds go towards supporting animal rescue efforts in Costa Rica.

Get Involved

Volunteer to take care of the animals.

Develop your career in wildlife biology, conservation, veterinary medicine, and more by interning.

Contribute to the welfare and conservation of the rescue center’s animals by vacationing at the Wild Sun Jungle Resort.


Meet Wild Sun’s animals on Instagram.

Get updates on their rescues on Facebook.

Watch their animals monkey around on YouTube.

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