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Hero Cop Saves Sleeping Residents From Burning Home

by Nolan Hawk

An Ohio police officer is being hailed as an everyday hero for waking two sleeping occupants of a burning home.

Sheffield Village police officer Kevin Bring was on patrol at 5 a.m. last week, when he noticed that a house was on fire.

Body camera footage shows Bring approaching the home with a fire extinguisher and attempting to put out the flames, before realizing the effort was not making a difference.

Instead of continuing to fight a losing battle, Bring ran into the house, which was thankfully unlocked, to wake up a man who was asleep on the couch.

“Your house is on fire, get out,” Bring yelled.

“Really,” the dazed man replied as he jumped up in shock. “Oh sh**.”

The man trotted after Bring as he exited the house and informed him that his roommate, Dante, was still inside.

The man told the officer where Dante’s room was located, and Bring banged on the window and once again yelled, “Your house is on fire, get out.”

Dante seemingly did not believe that his house was in fact ablaze, despite the cop’s urgent insistence, so he went back into residence to spur him along.

Bring walked through the smoke engulfed living room, coughing as he collected Dante, then asked if there were any other occupants, or animals in the home.

“I already put out the [fire pit],” Dante stated, but Bring told him that “it’s still going,” and grabbed his fire extinguisher.

Bring sprayed the extinguisher once more at the porch, before grabbing a coiled up hose from the side of the house and dousing the flames.

When firefighters arrived he told them that the fire was going into the back of the house and starting to climb, then joked that he was “doing his best impression” of them.

Sheffield Village Police Chief William Visalden lauded Bring as a hero. “No doubt in my mind that two lives were saved, due to the actions of Kevin Bring,” he remarked.

Visalden told Fox 8 that there were no working smoke detectors in the home, which is why the two men were able to sleep through the fire.

“So without law enforcement present, would they have ever been notified, would they have found out before it was too late?” he questioned.

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