Creative Artist – A Rambler and a Rocker

About Lou Shields the creative artist

Being a creative artist, not only does Lou Shields continue the tradition of American music with his solo performances of music styles from days-gone-by, such as Old Time Blues, Folk, and American but he is an artist and Professor of Art at a college in the Chicago area. 

Yes, Lou has been seen sitting on his front porch playing his 1931 National Resonator Guitar or a banjo accompanied by an unusual front porch style foot percussion and harmonica. Imagine that! You can’t help but drift back to the past as he uses his voice as an extension of the past. He has toured the U.S. and Europe over many years and released at least five full albums and more. 

Lou Shields, creative artist, in action playing his instruments that make him an everyday hero.
Lou – in action playing blues and folk

But that isn’t all.. oh no.. this highly talented person finds time to work with wood and reclaimed materials. He was always an outdoor type of personality even as a little boy. So, he often found materials and antiques along the roadside when he wandered. He even owned an art gallery in Pilsen on 18th and Halsted. He continues to follow his love for woodworking as well as his love for music.

Always on the road

As he traveled he would take pictures of things such as an old home in Mississippi and later draw it and then exhibits the pictures in gallery shows and sell prints, to help support his life on the road. 

A close up of Lou Shields, a creative artist.

This, always on the go, musician and artist found time to buy property on a scenic bluff in Wisconsin. His Amish friends built a barn on his homestead for woodworking but Lou envisions much, much more. Ahhh such a view!!

Lou Shields is able to balance city and country life as his heart is truly on the road. He is music’s everyday hero.

Video Production: Rocko Productions
Review Written By: M. Cardinal
Date Written: Feb 27th, 2020

Creative Artist Lou Shields FAQs

Where is Lou Shields from?

Lou grew up in Chicago, living downtown or in the South Suburbs his entire life

What else other than music does Lou Shields enjoy?

He owned an art gallery in Pilsen on 18th and Halsted. Lou often creates his art from experiences on the road. He will take a picture of an old home in Mississippi and then draw it later. Lou exhibits his art in Gallery shows or sells prints out of his merch box. He often blends his art and music by creating album art and show posters for himself and other musicians.

Does Lou Shields have any other passions?

In addition to being an artist, Lou is also a Professor of Art at a college in the Chicago-area. He enjoys teaching young students about art appreciation and art history a few days a week.

What instruments does Lou Shields play?

1931 National Resonator Guitar or Banjo accompanied by a unique front porch style of foot percussion and harmonica, he uses his voice as an extension of the past. 

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