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Your Everyday Heroes | Season One

by YourEverydayHeroes

Everyday heroes are regular people who inspire others by overcoming obstacles, helping others, and giving back to their communities.

Who Are Everyday Heroes?

Everyday heroes perform selfless acts for the good of other people, rather than for their own personal benefit.

They give back to society by providing their wisdom, being caring to those who are less fortunate, and exemplifying moral behavior.

The meaning of heroism is often misconstrued.

We have a tendency to limit the definition of “hero” to one with powers beyond our own, and as a result, we often do not see our own potential for heroism.

In reality, heroes walk among us. Heroes are those who, even when afflicted by dire conditions, find ways to make sacrifices for the common good.

Why We Tell Everyday Heroes’ Stories

Everyday heroes are all around us, but many of their stories go untold, because their uplifting acts often serve marginalized communities that are underrepresented in mainstream media.

While acts of valor performed by brave first responders and courageous soldiers make national headlines, the achievements of regular everyday heroes like teachers, healthcare workers, and volunteers are less likely to be reported on.

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