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Watch An 11-Year-Old Boy Save His Puppy From Being Strangled By Elevator Doors

by Nolan Hawk

See the heart-stopping moment an 11-year-old boy rescued his pet dog from imminent death from closing elevator doors.

Thiago Magalhães was taking his puppy Milú on a walk in their hometown Goänia, Brazil, last Wednesday, when the dog nearly lost her life in a freak accident.

On the elevator ride down to the street, Milú’s leash got caught in the elevator doors, which would have strangled the pup if not for Thiago’s immediate action.

Watch Milú get caught in the elevator doors

In the incredible video, Thiago enters the elevator with his pooch and selects the ground floor button.

The boy checks himself out a bit in the elevator’s mirrored walls, when he sees that Milú’s leash is caught in the doors through the reflection.

Thiago instantly reacts, lunging for the leash and grabbing it in time to be pulled off the ground with Milú.

He screams in terror as he’s lifted off his feet, then quickly drops to the ground when the dog’s collar miraculously breaks.

After Milú’s leash got caught, both boy and dog were trapped in the elevator until emergency assistance arrived to aid them.

How Thiago’s father reacted to his son saving the family dog from the elevator doors

Thiago’s father, Rodrigo Magalhães, is just grateful that neither one of his family members were injured, or worse during the incident.

“I was very scared of what happened and realized that the situation was very serious and that it could have been fatal for both the dog and my son,” he commented.

Another pooch is lucky to be alive an entire country away, after plunging down a 300 foot cliff.

A German shepherd was dramatically rescued by the US Coast Guard in Oregon’s Ecola State Park last month, after surviving the fall and landing on an inaccessible rock beach.

During the dog’s rescue, which was caught on camera, the miserable pup was seen hobbling to higher ground while being battered with with waves.

A rescue swimmer descended from a helicopter and swam to the beach to catch the dog, who was then loaded into a rescue basket with his savior and winched to safety.

The dog was reunited with his owner and transported to an emergency veterinarian’s office, who gave the scared pup a clean bill of health.

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