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Body in Motion Physical Therapy and Soft Tissue Mobilization | Improving Life with Movement

by M. Cardinal

Body-in-motion therapy

Movement therapy is the destination for personal training and exercise. Programs for Parkinson’s disease, stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, dementia, fall risk. Also, prevention, and orthopedic recovery. It bridges the gap between clinical therapies and community-based exercise.

Jose shows us some body in motion movements.

Helping people live better lives

Jose says, “In order to become the best teacher we have to be a good student first”. Orla Stokes says, “he brings stuff out in people that most coaches would not bring out”. Jose gains such pleasure when a client accomplishes something and he knows he was able to help. Orla also says, “Body in motion therapy brings you back to when you were a child. When we were able to naturally move our bodies in many directions and movements. As a result, that is what this movement therapy is.”

A student, Dan O’Rourke, had fusion surgery. Dan relates that just by working through the class with Jose. Doing the different phases of movement that he, Dan, was able to strengthen his back and improve his overall wellbeing.

Mark Boys says, “If you could have seen me when I first started – I was a disaster! Two hours of failure.” Yes, TWO hours of failure from his perspective.  But, as luck would have it, Jose came to the rescue. Jose helped Mark as he has done for many. To free up his mind, and to let go of what he thought he couldn’t do. Instead showed him what he could do. What a great life lesson, don’t you agree?

Improve all aspects of life

Jose feels there is so much we can do to help our bodies. And that it SHOULD be of major importance. He feels that it makes him a better father, a better teacher, and a better spouse…which to him is very important. It is all about the physical aspect and the mental aspect together for one’s best personal development.

Pushing the limits of our body with movement.

Bodies in motion physical therapy

Jose Dominguez believes keeping your body in motion is key to ensuring you remain mobile and active later in life. He is a movement instructor and as some say, “the humble teacher”. As an instructor and therapist, he deals with physical movement and Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy.

soft tissue mobilization

Jose’s journey

For Jose, when he left his country for America, he started a life long process of learning. As a result, his learning wasn’t just about his body. Most importantly, it was also learning a new language, how to survive this new life and work. Along the way in his learning experience, Jose took lessons from a teacher named Idol Portal. Teacher Portal was teaching something no one else had, soft tissue mobilization therapy. At that moment in his life’s journey, Jose realized “this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”. He totally enjoys teaching, coaching, and as something that he loves. He, of course, wants to share this passion with others. Hopefully, he will also inspire others to follow their dreams. A real humble everyday hero.

His goal – to develop and maintain a healthier, with bodies in motion physical therapy. To focus not only on strength and cardiovascular training. Also on mobility, flexibility, speed, reaction, balance, timing, softness, hardness, accuracy, and the list goes on.

Life long practice

Bodies in motion physical therapy is a life long learning process, thus learning what one’s body can do. Movement therapy, or dance therapy, uses movement to help a person deal with severe; issues. Illness (physical or mental), a disability, or life challenges that keep them from functioning fully. The aim of movement therapy is to enhance a person’s cognitive, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Every one of us is born with a sense of movement, and our bodies have their own unique language. Some lose touch with this sense of movement. Due to lack of use, illness, disabilities, or blocks with how we perceive ourselves. The movement therapist’s role is to help the person tap into this sense of movement and express themselves. Particularly thoughts or issues that may have been repressed.

Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy is the management, manipulation, and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The body in motion techniques used by soft tissue therapists have been developed to ensure effective and efficient results. “Movement is a combination of fitness, dance, martial arts, and flexibility. Can you flip? Can you invert? Are you able to crawl?” per teacher—Ido Portal.

Jose shows us some body in motion movements.

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