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Your Everyday Heroes: More Than An Entertainment Site

Season One Recap

by YourEverydayHeroes

Your Everyday Heroes

With jobs hard to come by and a global pandemic still rampant, we are undeniably living in trying times.

Amidst the daunting challenges we must face on a daily basis, it is easy to fall into the trap of callousness. We often forego our hopes and forget what we’ve got to be thankful for.

Your Everyday Heroes is a docuseries that seeks to revitalize the human spirit, to inspire its viewers to take their first steps towards contentment.

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It follows a simple, yet rarely-used premise: real, ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary feats.

In spite of tremendous adversity, the subjects of Your Everyday Heroes are able to negate negativity and see their dreams realized.

Episodes are brief, easily digestible bursts of inspiration, able to be viewed any time one needs a quick reminder of the good things in life.

Hero Highlights

Who is Vick Lee?

We consider Vick Lee an everyday hero because she has not allowed her illness to stop her from doing what she loves. And what she loves is bolstering her community. When she is creating her socially conscious films, her focus is always beyond herself. “Our natural instinct is to take care of one another because we all are one,” she tells us.

“I want people to come away with being inspired,” she tells us. Then, pointing to her brain, she proclaims, “This is what’s important, taking care of this and being happy. What’s the purpose of the other way? That’s not going to do anything for me, so I might as well smile.”

Below are just more of the heroes you will see on Your Everyday Heroes.

Each comes from a unique background, but all share the commonality of overcoming odds that were stacked against them.

You may see yourself in them, or you may simply marvel at their unflinching drives to succeed.



According to Our World in Data, 264 million people are reported to suffer from depression.

Amanda, like many others, was consumed by her mental illness.

However, after an unsuccessful attempt to end her life, she knew things had to change. 

One day, needing to escape the confines of her home, Amanda stumbled upon her purpose, and it was something so simple that she would have never have expected it: she started walking.

“I walked around the block a few times,” she recounts.

“And even though I felt like I wasn’t really alive, my feet were taking control, no longer my brain…” 

Suddenly reinvigorated with life, Amanda founded hiking group Urban Nerd Herd, which has united like-minded individuals to collectively tackle depression “one hike at a time.”


When you consider the detail-oriented nature of Bart’s career, the last thing you’d expect is for him to be blind. But believe it or not, he is, as he says, “blind as a bat.”

He also happens to be a well-respected mechanic and businessman, owning and operating Bart’s Auto and Towing in Alsip, Illinois.

“I owe a lot to my parents… they didn’t let me sit around and feel sorry for myself,” Bart says.

At an early age, Bart was taught the ins and outs of car repair by his father, who unfortunately passed when Bart was only 11.

Suddenly, it became Bart’s responsibility to do maintenance on the family car, a 1969 Chevy Impala. It was then that he discovered his passion for car repair, a passion that has not died since.


Brett Eastburn is no ordinary comedian.

He was born with a congenital birth defect and as a result has no arms or legs. While many are quick to sympathize with Brett, he refuses to see his disability as a handicap.

If his intention is to spread inspiration, he has certainly achieved his goal.

A look at his life is a testament to every human’s potential for greatness.

He travels the world to give motivational speeches and even authored a book I’m Not Missing Anything. Check out his website bretteastburn.com.


Kahil El’Zabar is a musician unbound by convention.

His art falls into the category of avant-garde jazz, meshing the relentless experimentalism of an artist like Sun Ra with the spiritualism of Pharaoh Sanders. 

He describes his experience with music as “spiritual,” and it’s easy to see why; tracks like “Sketches of an Afro Blue” are hypnotic, mesmerizing the listener with a plethora of contrasting sounds that work beautifully when put together.

His latest album America the Beautiful  has received rave reviews, with Pitchfork saying, “It’s a moving, frequently ebullient album that doesn’t shy

away from the terrors of America’s past and present while managing, somewhat incredibly, to find hope in the country’s future.”

Where to Watch Your Everyday Heroes

Aside from the Your Everyday Heroes website, the docuseries can be viewed via Roku.

Let Your Everyday Heroes be your daily dose of inspiration.

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