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Inspirational Story | Blind Mechanic | Bart’s Automotive and Towing

He is a blind mechanic!

by M. Cardinal

Bart’s automotive and towing

Have you ever met or learned about someone who inspired you? Well, I did. Bart Hickey, of Bart Automotive and Towing in Alsip, Illinois. Believe it or not, he is a blind mechanic! What an inspirational story.

The start of his inspirational story

As a young boy Bart was always drawn to tools and was fortunate to have a father who showed him their use. Unfortunately, Bart’s father passed away when he was 11 years old. Later, Bart would turn his interest and passion to cars, owning a 1969 Impala and by having a mother whose car was continuously breaking down. So, in 1993 Bart was able to buy an automotive shop.

Bart’s inspirational story is that he was born 2 months premature at 3lbs and 1 ounce. As a result, his lungs were underdeveloped which caused oxygen use which resulted in severe damage to his retinas and thus visual impairment. However, he never let this lack of vision interfere with his passion for cars. His favorite magazine from 1977 was Popular Mechanics which he received in Braille. American Foundation for the Blind

Our blind mechanic and everyday hero working on his customers car. He has an inspirational story.

Opening the shop as a blind mechanic

After opening his automotive business in 1993, Bart and his brother arrived at the name for the business. In short, Bart’s Automotive and Towing or B.A.T. (Blind as a bat).

In addition, Bart’s Automotive and Towing is located at 11501 South Ridgeland Avenue, Alsip, Illinois. Phone 708-361-1112.

Bart’s son, Brendan recounts the joy Bart experienced when Mercedes-Benz on November 3, 2008 arranged for his father, Bart, to drive for the first time. Can you imagine the joy that he felt?

bart's automotive and towing

Bart is indeed more than an everyday hero. Moreover, he never let his lack of sight (his blindness) get in the way of his passion and contributes his success to his supportive, encouraging parents. In short, what an inspiration to us all!

Video Production: Rocko Productions
Review Written By: M. Cardinal
Date Written: Feb 29th, 2020
Your Everyday Hero: Bart Hickey of Bart’s Automotive and Towing

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