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Good Picture – Worth a Thousand Words

by M. Cardinal
One of our everyday heroes, Gene's good pictures

What is a good picture worth?

A photographer is an eyewitness to history. For instance, a photo fixes in our memory the event or era associated with it. The multiple frames take images that scale the heights and depths of human life. A good picture is worth a thousand words.

The power of a single picture

Gene’s understanding of lines was developed at a young age. His father was an architect which he attributes to the success of his talent. He sees talented faces and places everywhere he goes. But he also relates with humor, the way some photographers may eliminate a subject they did not like from the pictures.  Most importantly, he feels that a picture speaks to the audience on a different level than the written word.  For example, in a newspaper you look at the image taken at a moment in time. 

An interview with Gene explaining what it takes to get a good picture.

Gene’s career

Above all, Gene provided an insight to our history. He created incredible images of so many events and helped up remember an entire era. Recording so many events over a span of over five decades. “I see pictures no matter where I am”. “I can look at any picture and know if it is a good picture, but I can’t tell you why”. Gene has won almost every photo award available.

This Everyday Hero had no idea that the young five-year-old neighbor boy would be so impacted by his work. 

Gene training one of his pupils on how to take a good picture. Another everyday hero.

Gene’s positive effect

Gene Pesek, a photographer for the Sun-Times, is constantly looking for that good picture everybody wanted. He had no idea the effect he was having on a neighbor’s young son. That is what being an everyday hero is about. Heroes pursuing their passions, desires, or callings and sometimes changing people’s lives.

One of our everyday heroes, Gene's good pictures

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