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Brett Eastburn Comedian | Inspirational Comedian | Overcoming Obstacles

by Nolan Hawk

Brett Eastburn’s story

To Book A Speaking Engagement or to Learn More about Brett Eastburn, go to www.bretteastburn.com In 1971, a boy was born who believes there are no limits. And for good reason. He has been overcoming obstacles for most of his life. Inspirational comedian, Brett Eastburn, was born with a congenital birth defect. He has no arms or legs and is 2 feet 10 1/2 inches tall. Not the easiest start to life, but Brett believes he is not missing anything.
brett eastburn comedian

This inspirational comedian is overcoming obstacles

But Brett Eastburn would not let a handicap stop him from accomplishing his desires. Overcoming obstacles, he played baseball, football, and basketball. He was an accomplished swimmer, and wrestler. Quite the sportsman. As time went on, Brett Eastburn comedy began to inspirational speaking on subjects such as self-improvement. He has traveled throughout the world giving his speeches. Letting others with difficulties know it is all about “overcoming obstacles”.

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After high school, not only did he continue speaking, but he became a green belt in martial arts. And if all this isn’t amazing enough, he also became an artist and author of “I’m Not Missing Anything“.
Brett our inspirational comedian and everyday hero makes driving look easy.

I’m not missing anything—inspiring others

This everyday hero may not have arms and legs but most importantly, no handicaps. This mindset helps this everyday hero achieve his goals. When Brett Eastburn was young he realized his calling to share his story, always knowing he had an inspiring story to tell despite his disabilities. His hope is that his programs will continue to dramatically change other people’s lives. Giving them courage and the will to try. To not just look at one’s failures or accomplishments, but to enjoy the journey. This hero feels his reward is by helping others with his gift. As a result, Everyday Hero Brett Eastburn comedian, known as “The Stub” knows no boundaries. Video Production: Rocko Productions Review Written By: M. Cardinal Date Written: Feb 27th, 2020 Your Everyday Hero: Brett Eastburn Comedian & Inspirational Speaker

Brett Eastburn Overcoming Obstacles FAQs

How did Brett lose his arms and legs?

Actually, Brett was born without limbs as a birth defect.

Was Brett able to participate in sports?

While in school Brett played baseball, football, and basketball. He also became an accomplished swimmer. In junior high he became a member of the wrestling team. For high school he wrestled on the varsity team. In the 1988 wrestling competition under the AAU Brett placed 4th in the nation.

When did Brett find his motivational calling?

During Brett’s senior year he began speaking professionally on subjects such as Self-improvement. Brett has traveled throughout the world giving his speeches. Brett and his service dog Murray are the frequent subjects of news articles and TV interviews that deal with great success stories.

How has Brett been inspirational?

He found that when he would accomplish even the most basic of tasks people would be amazed. People would come to him and say, “Because of seeing what you can do with your situation, I realize that my problems are not nearly as bad as I made them out to be.”

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