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New Music – A Meaningful Message

by M. Cardinal

Carey’s gift

Carey Ott is a naturally gifted musician and new music songwriter. Actually, he is a storytelling intellect and career musician. Therefore, he notices everything. Carey collects moments, ideas, and feelings. He then waits until he can use them in one of his songs. As a result, his songwriting creates music with a powerful message.

Moreover, he feels that his music needs to be like real life. Having layers, depth, and truth. It needs to live and breathe. This gifted musical everyday hero feels that the truth resonates in his music. He feels when he is writing a song he is making a movie or writing a novel.

This everyday hero collects his experiences everyday and turns them into new music with a powerful message.

New music is the Carey Ott mission statement

Carey says that he is actually terrified when he has to perform but, writing songs and performing is what he is made to do. As a result, his music is a mission statement for himself. He is a creator and feels creating is everything to him. Also, Carey believes that a good story moves you. If done correctly, you can feel what the writer is trying to portray. Even when life beats you up you can’t lose hope or faith. Just keep trying and creating new music.

Everyday hero, Carey Ott getting ready to perform his new music with a meaningful message

This musical heroes inspirational songs are extremely moving. Also, Carey’s song from “The Collector”, Ain’t no Upside, was inspired by his song “Human Heart”, which was a beautiful way to tell about a song that came from above. Like he says, “I write lyrics that have to be sung.” Letting people hear his inspirations and his heartbreaks. This is what makes his new music with a powerful message.

Video Production: Rocko Productions
Review Written By: M. Cardinal
Date Written: Mar 24th, 2020

Carey Ott New Music FAQs

Where was Carey Ott born?

Chicago, Illinois

When did Carey get his start as a musician?

Carey Ott got his start in the mid-’90s with a band called Torben Floor. Backed by his brother Chris Ott on bass, Doug Sale on drums, and John Mooney on guitar,

What was Carey’s solo debut album?

Lucid Dream, which came out in the summer of 2006. It was around this time that Ott’s song u0022Am I Just Oneu0022 was featured on an episode of the ABC television series Grey’s Anatomy, providing Ott with a boost that launched him from the indie circuit into the mainstream.

What record label signed Carey?

Dualtone Records

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