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Tracey Lemon | Protecting Tambor Bay’s Turtles | Recap

Find out how Tracey helps save Costa Rican turtles.

by Nolan Hawk

Through her work with Tambor Bay’s Turtles, Tracey has contributed to a drastic increase in the survival rate of Costa Rican sea turtles, a “keystone species” essential for the functioning of our ecosystem. 

Informed by her wide breadth of experiences, she has come to the conclusion that an accomplished life is one that is in service to nature.

Tracey Lemon Develops an Early Fascination With Marine Life

Unlike many other conservationists, Tracey did not study biology at an academic level. Her passion for the environment can be traced back to her childhood, when she and her father would walk side by side through the vast Virginia farmlands. 

Tracey Lemon 13

While she and her family were frequent movers, their VA farm was what she considered home. However, it was the beaches of North Carolina that instilled within her a love for marine life.

Before she ever considered dedicating her life to the preservation of sea turtles, she would observe their behaviors, watching in awe as they would glide through the ocean. 

She didn’t know at the time that these experiences would become the basis for her proudest achievements in life. 

College and Beyond: The Many Lives of Tracey Lemon

During her first foray into higher education, Tracey was studying agricultural science, hoping to one day become an extension agent. 

However, when she considered the low average wages of extension agents, she opted instead to join the army.

Tracey Lemon 17

Tracey’s time in the army was of great financial benefit, as, through the G.I. Bill, she had her first car, first house, and college tuition paid for. 

While stationed in Denver, Colorado, she studied optometry and eventually segued into a civilian job as an optometrist in Florida. 

When her employer’s main investor bailed out, she took up real estate; her success in this field allowed her to retire early and move to Costa Rica with her husband. 

What Makes Tracey Lemon an Everyday Hero?

Tracey is strictly a volunteer, though the hours she puts into TBT rival those required by a full-time job. But just how heroic are her conservation efforts? 

Well, her work to increase the survival rates of sea turtles is not only beneficial to the turtles themselves, it is beneficial to us.

Tracey Lemon 21

Aside from being fascinating creatures to look at, sea turtles are what Tracey describes as a “keystone species,” meaning that their presence is critical to the functioning of the ecosystem: 

“Turtles are cleaners of the ocean, cleaners of the coral reefs,” Tracey said. “Losing coral reefs would equal a loss of oxygen. If we lost sea turtles, it would be detrimental to humans.”

How Has Tracey Lemon’s Work Impacted Her Community?

Tracey’s roles within TBT include the actual guarding of turtle nests from poachers and other wildlife, as well as the education of the community’s children.

Tracey Lemon 8

The latter role has proven to be vital in ending the barbaric practice of poaching. Once considered a common practice in Costa Rica, poaching is, because of work by Tracey and other conservationists, slowly becoming more stigmatized.

Tambor Bay Turtle Resources

Find out how you can support Tambor Bay Turtles:

Visit the website at Tambor Bay Turtles.

Check out their social media pages on Instagram and Facebook

Donate through PayPal, Zelle, Cryptocurrency, by check and more at Amigos of Costa Rica.

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