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Brave British Woman Saved Four Festival Goers From Hamas’ Israel Attack

by Nolan Hawk

Noa Beer, a heroic British woman, saved the lives of four festivalgoers by bolting through a roadblock as gunmen opened fire while they attempted to flee.

The terrifying incident that kicked off the Israeli war on Saturday, unfolded during the SuperNova X Festival, located three miles from the Gaza border, where thousands of young revelers were celebrating at dawn.

Hamas militants stormed the gathering, mercilessly gunning down the attendees and kidnapping others.

Beer, a 29-year-old music agent who hails from the UK but now resides in Tel Aviv, recounted her harrowing escape from the scene.

Hamas-Israel attack at festival

Reflecting on the festival’s initially joyous atmosphere, Beer remarked, “Everything seemed so great.” The festivalgoers were joyous, reveling in the music and merriment as they watched her foreign DJ client perform his set.

However, at around 6:20 am on Saturday, the sky suddenly erupted with rockets, which they were initially unable to hear over the music and “looked like fireworks.”

The situation swiftly spiraled into panic, prompting Beer and others to implore the crowd to seek cover as they shut down the music.

Beer sought refuge backstage along with other 20 terrified individuals, all trembling with fear for their lives.

Festival goers flee after Israel Attack

Moments later, they were instructed to leave the festival as fast as they could, so Beer grabbed her client and fled to her Jeep.

She and a group of five other cars were the first to make it out of the event, but they “had no clue as to what was coming.”

As Beer and her companions embarked on their journey home, they found themselves under attack along the road.

A chilling sequence of events unfolded before them as the cars preceding Beer’s abruptly hit the brakes, colliding with each other.

To the side, a motorbike lay strewn on the road, its injured rider sprawled beside it. Initially assuming the cars had collided with the bike, Beer came to a stop.

She opened her door to assist the injured biker, but but a terrorist opened fire on her as he looked straight into her eyes.

Beer told the DJ to get out of the car and take cover, when she heard more gunfire. She believed that members of the Israeli Defense Force had shown up to take out the terrorists, but her “horror” it was more armed Hamas gunmen.

Supernova X festival goers hide during Hamas attack on Israel

The remaining survivors from all five vehicles hid between the cars and as they were surrounded by terrorists with nowhere to go.

“I understood they were terrorists and we were completely surrounded,” she told NBC News. “At this point I thought I was going to die.”

That’s when Beer made the “split second decision” that saved all their lives and shouted for them to get into her car.

She got into the driver’s seat and saw a terrorist directly ahead of her “shooting like crazy with murder in his eyes,” so she slammed the car in reverse.

“I drove backwards and turned when I saw I could, and there were more terrorists waiting, cars colliding as the drivers were shot in front of our eyes, people trying to run and being shot dead on the spot,” she recalled.

Beer bravely plowed her Jeep through a roadblock of Hamas terrorists, who rained down bullets at her car.

“I saw two terrorists waiting for me to drive, so I just stepped on the gas,” she recalled.

The agent said that she sped away with her four passengers, two who had been shot, and “didn’t look back.”

“I started driving east, and I called another organizer. I said, ‘Don’t let anyone go west,'” she warned.

She also noted that she called emergency services and they advised her to stop on the side of the road and wait for an ambulance, which she refused to do.

Beer drove them straight to a hospital forty minutes away, which saved all of their lives, as 260 people were murdered at the festival.

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