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Brave Bystander Saves Young Boy Being Beat Down By Gang Of Teenagers

by Nolan Hawk

A heroic shopper saved a young boy from a gang of teenagers viciously attacking him at a mall in California.

The terrifying brawl, which was caught on camera, took place at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance over the weekend.

Antonio Munoz was going to see the latest installment of the The Fast & The Furious franchise with his brother, when an huge fight broke out between the group of teenagers, which the siblings had no part in.

The boy said that he and his brother saw other people getting attacked and were planning to leave, when they were assaulted.

In a video, which has since gone viral, shows the gang of teenagers chasing Munoz through the mall, grabbing him by the hoodie, and knocking him to the ground.

The gang then encircles him and continues to physically assault him with punches and kicks, while he is defenseless on the floor.

Mall goer Maurice Hardy saw what was happening and stepped in to save the boy. He pushed the teens off and yelled at them to get away from Munoz.

“As I was running up, I just saw a crowd,” he told KTLA5. “I didn’t know how many kids. I just jumped right in and started pushing them away.”

Hardy helped Munoz up and noted that the boy’s nose was bleeding from the altercation and he was teary-eyed, which made him think of his own younger siblings.

“I think anybody would have did the same thing in the situation,” he told FOX 11. “I’m just looking out for him as I would want somebody to look after my two little brothers.”

Hardy said he was disgusted by the actions of the teenage mob. “This is sickening to me that they were doing that,” he remarked.

“It’s like, where’s your home training?” he questioned. “What [do] your parents teach you at home?”

Munoz dubbed Hardy a “true hero” after the altercation, but Hardy dismissed the notion.

“I don’t feel like I’m a hero,” he commented. “It just feels like something I would do. It’s always been my instinct to protect. So I just jumped in and worked.”

The pair met up on Monday, and Munoz, who looked no worse for the wear, told Hardy he was glad that he was there when chaos broke out.

Hardy said that it was just coincidence, as he was supposed to go to the beach that day, but stopped by the mall to get lunch.

Despite Hardy not recognizing his own heroic actions, a local business is aware of the gravity of his actions, and offered him free jujitsu training in case he needs to break up any future fights.

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