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The Heroic Rescue On The New York Train Tracks

by YourEverydayHeroes

Not all heroes wear capes

Not all heroes wear capes, and that statement was proven true early this month when a man saved a fellow passenger from what would have been a deathly accident. This happened after a passenger in a wheelchair fell and got stuck on the railway tracks few minutes before a train arrived.

Without hesitation

Without hesitation, the “hero”, who is yet to be identified, jumped down and helped the thirty-year-old man out of the tracks with the help of other passengers. This incident happened at the Union Square Station, New York, on Wednesday 4th August at 1:30 pm.

This whole incident was captured on a video recorded by Lauren Mennen, who is a CBS2 presenter. The video later gathered over 1.1 million views plus more than 4,000 likes, making it go viral.

According to bystanders 

According to bystanders, the announcement about another approaching train had already gone off, indicating how close it was. In the video, you can see the train approaching from the corner, and immediately the man was off the rails and on the platform.

After the video got to social media, it got reposts and retweets from famous people like Lindsay Tuchman, Keith Olbermann, Rex Chapman, and Dr Rob Davidson.

They all praised the man for his actions and said that it was an act of not only kindness and selflessness, but it helps show that there is still humanity left among us.

In an interview with CBD New York

In an interview with CBD New York, Mennen explained how the male passenger jumped right into the action and did not think twice about his action. She added that there are heroes in action and that at the moment, she thought she would flag down the train and that it would be okay.

She praised the man for his heroism and added that she hopes people only take positivity from the incident.

Clear representation of the New York Spirit.

Many people said that it was a clear representation of the New York Spirit. With everybody praising the heroic acts of the passenger who jumped in to help the man, many people raised concerns that the government should make the railway stations better and safer for people with special needs.

Others condemned the act of people recording the video instead of having the first instinct to help the man.

According to media reports, the man stuck on the tracks was later transported from the site to Bellevue Hospital for examinations. Fortunately, he was in a stable condition and alert and only had minor injuries.

According to the police, just like his rescuer, the man is also yet to be identified.

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