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Famous Actor’s Son Saves Driver From Sinking Vehicle

by Nolan Hawk

“Superman & Lois” star Dylan Walsh’s 26-year-old son became an everyday hero when he saved a driver who had plunged their car into Baltimore’s Patapsco River on Wednesday.

An employee at local fish staple, Phillips Seafood, was walking into work at the Inner Harbor location, when she saw a crowd of people looking into the water, where a white car was slowly sinking.

She ran into the restaurant to tell her coworkers about the incident, and Tom Walsh, a sous chef and military veteran, outside to see what was going on.

Bystanders were shouting for the driver to get out of the car, but he was unwilling, or unable to exit the sinking vehicle.

Walsh dove in to the harbor, which is notorious for being foul smelling due to”decades of sewage overflows and industrial waste dumping,” and swam to the submerged SUV.

During the rescue, which was caught on camera, Walsh initially tried to bust the passenger side window with his naked fist.

When that didn’t work, the Iraq War Vet jumped onto the white SUV’s hood, and kicked it out.

The car was nearly fully submerged by the time Walsh was able to drag the man through the broken windshield and help him swim to the side of the harbor.

A group of bystanders tossed in a life ring and helped tow them in, then helped both Walsh and the unidentified driver climb to safety up a ladder.

By the time first responders got to the scene, the only task they had was tending to their minor injuries.

Phillips Seafood spokesperson Michelle Torres, who witnessed the ordeal, said that their four year long employee was injured, but was more concerned about the state of the driver.

“The focus was on the victim,” she told The Baltimore Banner, noting that Wash’s “hand is like, all the way cut up. His whole knuckles are busted.”

Both were transported to a local hospital for minor injuries, and the totaled SUV was fished out of the harbor.

Walsh’s father, actor Dylan Walsh, who rose to fame in FX’s dark plastic surgery drama “Nip/Tuck,” beside costar Julian McMahon from 2003 to 2010, said he “is very proud” of his everyday hero son.

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