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Flight Attendant Saves Michigan Newlyweds’ Honeymoon

by Nolan Hawk

A Michigan couple was able to salvage their honeymoon plans with the help of a quick-thinking flight attendant who went above and beyond the expectations customer service.

Joe and Lawryn Fellwok had just tied the knot and were en route to their Caribbean cruise when the bride realized she had forgotten her passport after boarding their Delta flight.

Panicked and inconsolable during the flight, the newlyweds were desperate for a solution as their arrival time loomed.

Joe threw a “Hail Mary” and asked Delta flight attendant Dusty Dills if he had any ideas, and they definitely asked the right guy.

Dusty devised an multi-pronged plan to retrieve Lawryn’s passport and transport it to the couple in Puerto Rico.

He was flying back to Detroit the same day and said if someone could bring the passport to him at the airport, he could make his plan work.

Joe’s sister Jackie located Lawryn’s passport and handed it off to Dusty in Detroit.

From there, he flew down to Atlanta the same day, and passed it to a coworker who was headed to San Juan, where the couple was waiting at Customs.

The recently dubbed Fellwoks were so grateful for Dusty and the other employee that they invited them to their post-honeymoon wedding reception.

Lawryn said that their efforts were “the greatest wedding gift we could have asked for.” She added that she “felt like probably the luckiest bride on Earth.”

“We have so many friends and family that have been following our story and are so excited to meet Dusty,” Lawryn remarked.

“So to just bring him and his fellow flight attendants into our community. I’m so excited. I hope we stay friends for much longer after this.”

Joe said that Dusty’s efforts “really kind of instilled faith in me that there are still good people out there.”

The flight attendant humbly insisted that it was a team effort. “This was so much larger than me,” Dusty commented.

“During this whole process, it really taught me so much about the importance of teamwork.”

“We were so touched and grateful — a renewed faith in humanity was the best wedding gift,” the couple said. “We owe our post-wedding bliss to Dusty and the Delta family!”

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