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Good Samaritan’s Kitten Rescue On Coronado Bridge Causes Crash

by Nolan Hawk

Sometimes people are too brave for their own good, and in this case, the well being of others.

A small orange kitten was spotted darting through traffic on the Coronado Bridge, and the rescue attempt resulted in a multiple-vehicle collision.

On September 26, a driver stopped on the 2.1 mile bridge that connects downtown San Diego, California to Coronado Island, while trying to save the life of the ginger kitten, which was weaving between cars.

The driver’s decision to stop in the middle of one of the two lanes during their morning commute made it impossible for two other motorists to stop in time before colliding with the parked vehicle on the overpass, which transports 75,000 vehicles across the San Diego Bay every day.

A photo shared by the Coronado Police Department displayed a black Toyota sedan with a dented rear bumper, as well as a red car with a mangled hood. Minor injuries were reported for the drivers involved in the crash.

The Coronado Bridge Cat Caper

The stranded kitten was eventually discovered by Coronado firefighters and CPD’s Corporal Andrew Hutchens, who found the feline hanging out in the bridge’s movable “Zipper” lane divider.

The “road zipper” changes the bridge’s five lanes multiple times a day to allow the side with more traffic to flow with three lanes.

The uninjured kitten was found to be uninjured upon discovery and was promptly sent to PAWS of Coronado for proper care.

According to NBC 7, feisty feline, who has been dubbed “Zipper” by the public is an approximately 10-week-old, 2-pound red tabby (commonly referred to as an orange tabby) is in good health overall.

However, he did sustain minor scrapes on his paws and under his tail prior to being turned over to the shelter.

The Coronado Bridge’s Cat Finds Shelter

Paws’ Chancel Siebuhr told the outlet that Zipper was found a quarter of the way up the Coronado Bridge, sparking uncertainty about whether he was purposely abandoned there.

Zipper is currently under a “stray hold” until PAWS has had the opportunity to locate his owner.

If no one comes forward to claim him, the kitten will be made available for adoption after being neutered.

Siebuhr expressed hopes for the increased publicity surrounding this particular kitten, would extend to the animals in their care, some who have been at the shelter for more than a year.

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