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Hero K-9 Unit Rescued Hostages And Took Out Terrorists During Hamas Attack

by Nolan Hawk

An Israeli K-9 unit has rescued over 200 civilians and took down 10 terrorists amidst the escalating conflict near the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman’s Unit, these courageous canines aided soldiers in multiple rescue missions, breaking into houses to save hostages, eliminate terrorists, and safeguard lives.

The Oketz K-9 Unit, divided into three separate companies, actively participated in combat near the Gaza Strip. Their operations resulted in the successful rescue of hostages and the demise of more than 10 Hamas terrorists.

K-9 unit saves lives during combat

During a battle at Kibbutz Kfar Aza, a dog named “Naro” valiantly set out to search for terrorists and weapons.

Despite his mission, Naro’s instincts led him to uncover an impending ambush on Israeli forces and he sprung into action to defend his handlers.

Swiftly attacking the Hamas gunmen, Naro’s alert alerted the troops, enabling them to neutralize the threat.

According to Fox News, Naro lost his life in the fierce firefight, but his remains were respectfully retrieved and returned to their base for burial.

Another commendable K-9, “Charlie,” aided in locating a senior Hamas leader, initiating contact and providing crucial information to Israeli soldiers. With the support of Charlie, the troops swiftly took the terrorist into custody.

K-9 unit plans additional operations

The Oketz unit commander disclosed their forthcoming offensive operations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

“The next step is to enter the Gaza Strip,” the commander stated resolutely. “The mission is to neutralize all the terrorists we confront in the field; we are ready, we are strong, we are united, and we are going to win.”

As the conflict rages on, casualties mount on both sides. Reportedly, 29 Americans and at least 1,300 Israelis have lost their lives in the attacks. Israeli media has reported the deaths of approximately 1,500 Hamas terrorists.

IDF lone soldier saves lives on base

American Roey Weiser, 21, who was serving in the Israeli Defense Force during the initial attack, saved 12 of his fellow soldiers when their base was attacked two Saturdays ago.

Weiser, who was raised in Israel by his New Yorker mother and Maryland born father, was ranked as a sergeant in the Golani Brigade.

When the base was overrun by Hamas invaders, he snuck up behind them and opened fire, which let his comrades scramble away and get better positioning.

“He died how he lived, by putting others first and when his base was overrun by terrorists, he went on his own to divert their attention allowing others to escape,” his mother Naomi Feifer-Weiser said in an interview. “Because of his bravery, at least 12 other soldiers are alive today.”

IDF female soldier saves town

25-year-old Inbar Lieberman was also hailed a hero after saving her border community from being slaughtered during the initial invasion.

The IDF soldier is the security coordinator of the town, and upon hearing rocket attacks, opened the towns armory and provided the town’s security team with weapons.

She mobilized the 12-member squad into strategic positions and managed to ambush Hamas terror squads, taking out five of the 25 invaders that tried to attack the community over the next few hours of the siege.

“It was amazing, my husband was part of the standby unit that worked to prevent more casualties,” a town resident recalled. “They heard the shots and made contact on their own with other members of the standby unit and with Inbar — and they understood that they were told to be on standby.”

The woman said that “Inbar made the decision not to wait and be jumped operationally” which prevented mass casualties.

“When it’s all over, this woman will receive the Israel Prize,” a local newspaper wrote about the soldier. “The story of her heroism is a story that will go down in Israeli lore for generations. Inbar is the reason there is one kibbutz in the entire surrounding area that remains unharmed.”

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