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Security Guard Goes Viral For Telling Off Rowdy Tourists

by Nolan Hawk

A Magaluf hotel security guard became a viral hit for hilariously telling off a group of young British tourists in the early morning.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed 9.2 million times, the unnamed security guard smiled as he headed into the room, counting off the the young male occupants in both English and Spanish.

Magaluf is a resort town on the Spanish island of Majorca that is known for gorgeous beaches and hard partying nightlife.

“One, two, three, cuatro, cinco, seis, y siete,” he grinned as he pointed at each one.

He applauded them as he pointed out the window and imitated their wild behavior. In broken English said, “In the morning, in the waaaaaaaaaa…”

One of the young men apologized with a chagrined “sorry,” as the guard sarcastically applauded them.

“Perfecto. Perfecto, my friends,” he shot back. “Muy bien.”

“Sorry mate, we didn’t mean to do that,” one of the rambunctious men groveled.

“Six in the morning, seven in the morning,” the guard responded, explaining that the hotel had received a series of complaints. “Families and babies are sleeping.”

One man repeatedly apologized, but the guard was unfazed and warned the tourists that they would be hearing from the manager in the morning as he headed out.

One of the commenters asked the video’s creator what happened to spur the scolding, and he remarked, “too much Rushkinoff [vodka], mate.”

The boys had clearly head a long night out, as the ones in the video looked worse for the wear, and all of the poster’s for videos on the account showed them out at a clubs.

“I’m invested – what happened next?” Another follower asked the creator on the day the video was posted.

“Safe to say we’re on a flight home, mate,” he replied.

Fans lauded the hotel employee for taking viral worthy action against the group. “This guard is class,” wrote one viewer. “What a guy.”

“His passive aggression is off the scale,” another added. “Best telling off ever!”

“It’s great he also clarified the English and Spanish time zones to not cause confusion,” someone noted. “Great guy!”

“I didn’t understand what he said but I understood,” someone sagely pointed out. “Guard is a legend.”

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