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Sheriff’s Deputy Delivers Baby On The Side Of Highway

by Nolan Hawk

A Florida deputy delivered a baby on the side of a highway when a pregnant woman’s water broke in-transit.

Deputy Daniel “Red” Jones was on the side of a Plant City, Florida highway, when a father-to-be approached him in a panic on Sunday

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Luis Lopez told Jones that his wife’s water had broke and she was about to give birth.

Jones called for backup from the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, but the child was coming too quickly to wait for emergency medical services.

The 22-year veteran deputy sprung into action and delivered the baby on the side of the road, a feat that was fully documented on his body camera.

In the video, Jones could be heard telling the expectant mother to breath through the contractions and seen clutching her hand in his latex gloved one, while he provided her with “constant encouragement and emotional support.”

He asked the woman if she was full term and if it was her first child, but she responded that it was her sixth.

“Six? Woo, you all need a better hobby,” he remarked, which made her bark out laughing.

He tried to keep her positioned on her side until an ambulance arrived, but the baby girl refused to comply, and Jones ended up delivering her in the front seat of her parent’s car.

The little girl, who her parents named Lexela Luis Lopez, was the third child that Jones has delivered since joining the HSCO in December 2001.

“I am extremely proud of Master Deputy Jones’s quick actions and dedication to serving our community in any capacity,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said.

“While delivering in the front seat of a car was not the original birth plan, Master Deputy Jones reassured the mother of six that she was in good hands.”

The baby’s father, Luis Lopez, was grateful that Jones stepped in to get his wife and daughter through the scary situation.

“I want to thank the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Department for having amazing officers that helped us to deliver our baby girl at Highway 60,” the new father told Tampa Bay 10.

“Also, thanks to the fire department and EMS team for the awesome job they did there.”

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