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Teen Boy Looking For Work Gets Surprised By Everyday Hero Cop

by Nolan Hawk

A teenage boy looking for yard work got the shock of his life when police were called to “remove” him from the area.

16-year-old Keonte Evans wanted to buy himself an expensive PlayStation 5 and decided to solicit his neighborhood for work to earn the $500 he needed for the purchase.

While Evans was in the process of going door-to-door to see if he could help out with yard work in his Georgia neighborhood, someone called the police.

The Hapeville Police Department were dispatched to the area on a trespassing call, but when Officer Eric Colleran, all he found was a young man trying to earn some money by cutting grass, pulling weeds, and trimming hedges.

The seven year veteran of the department wasn’t shocked that the emergency caller had exaggerated the situation.

“You might be told one thing over the radio, and when you show up on scene it’s something completely different,” Colleran told WSB-TV.

Instead of a dastardly criminal, Colleran made contact with a “polite, respectful and truthful” kid trying to work to get what he wanted.

The police officer was so impressed with Evans that “he thought he would help him reach his goal.”

Colleran, who is a gamer himself, contacted some of his buddies and together, they raised the funds for the gaming system and gift card to pay for the platform’s membership subscription.

Evans and Colleran went viral in a video that shows the officer opening up the trunk of his squad car to reveal a brand new PlayStation in the back.

The boy was visibly overwhelmed with joy, and immediately hugged the policeman in response.

“Officer Colleran made sure that this young man knew they would play on the same team online soon,” the Hapeville Police Department’s Facebook post said.

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