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Tom Hanks’ Son Stops Home Invasion

by Nolan Hawk

Tom Hanks’ son, Chet Hanks, was involved in a home invasion incident where he reportedly punched a man who was attempting to break into his Los Angeles pad.

The alleged burglary happened around 3am last Monday, which forced the “Forrest Gump” star’s son to protect his home before help could arrive.

According to reports, Hanks was able to subdue the intruder while the L.A. County Sheriffs Office was on their way to the scene.

Tom Hanks’ son protects himself from home invasion

“In the commission of the burglary, Victim Hanks had to defend himself against the suspect and was able to subdue him until department personnel arrived on the scene,” the police said in a statement obtained by the Daily Mail. “The suspect was handcuffed and arrested at the location.”

The authorities then attempted to apprehend the 42-year-old suspect, but he did not go down without a fight.

The man resisted arresting officers and staggered backwards into a deputy, resulting in an unspecified injury to the suspect and a broken leg for the officer. Hanks escaped the incident without receiving any injuries.

“While escorting the suspect to the patrol vehicle, a deputy did sustain an injury to his leg,” the statement detailed.

Home invasion thwarted by Tom Hanks’ son ends in injuries

Both the injured deputy and the suspect were whisked off to the hospital for treatment. Once he was medically cleared for transport to jail, the man was charged with burglary.

The case has now been handed over to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office for further considerations regarding possible charges.

“After the suspect’s treatment, he was transported and booked at Marina Del Rey Station for burglary, and other violations are still being investigated.”

This incident is an ongoing investigation, and the police department refused to provide any further information.

Chet Hanks has followed his father’s footsteps into acting and has had recurring roles on hit television shows including Showtime’s “Shameless,” Fox hit “Empire,” and most recently, Bryan Cranston starrer “Your Honor.”

Tom Hanks son discusses life as a nepo baby

He has complained about the pitfalls of having famous parents in past interviews.

“Like, growing up, people would want to become friends with me so they could meet my dad,” the son of Hanks and actress Rita Wilson bemoaned in 2011. “And they didn’t care about me at all. So that’s just … Well, that goes along with it.”

However, he accepts that he will forever be in his famous father’s shadow. “I’m not complaining about it, you know, it is what it is and it’s cool,” he said in a 2019 interview.

“I love my dad, he’s a great man, he’s a great actor, so I’m in a good position, you know what I mean? If I invented a cure for cancer tomorrow, in the article it would say, ‘Tom Hanks’ Son Invents The Cure For Cancer,’ you know what I mean? It’s inevitable.”

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