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Watch A Homeless Man Save A Baby From Getting Run Over

by Nolan Hawk

A baby in a run away stroller nearly rolled into a busy street in Hesperia, California earlier this week.

Ron Nessman, who is homeless, had just been on an interview for a dishwashing position at a nearby Applebee’s, and decided to rest on a bench near a car wash.

Nessman was in the right place at the right time, because just up the hill, a older woman was unloading items from her car with the baby boy by her side, and a strong gust of wind blew the helpless child’s stroller down the sharp decline.

The woman immediately noticed the baby was rolling away and chased after the carriage, but tripped onto her front and was unable to get to her feet as the baby hurtled towards speeding traffic.

Once Nessman saw the woman fall, he said that he didn’t even have time to think about his actions, and just reacted and to save the baby.

“I felt so bad for the lady,” he remarked. “I couldn’t imagine.”

Nessman wheeled the baby back to the woman and gave her a comforting hug.

“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did nothing,” he added. “I’m just glad I realized it and was on it.”

In the end, Nessman saved the boy’s life and getting a job offer from Applebee’s.

Across the pond, 18-year-old Aleira Kiran saved a baby from a fiery crash in Halifax, England.

A car crashed and burst into flames on top of a hill, while a double-decker bus waited for emergency services to clear the street.

“I was upstairs at the front and all I could see was flames,” Kiran said about the wreck. “It was like something out of Final Destination.”

Much to the horror of the 40 bus passengers, the car rolled down the hill and hit the front of the bus, where it lodged and lit the bus on fire.

While people made a mad dash to exit the mass transit vehicle, Kiran noticed two mothers struggling to get off with their strollers.

“One of the women was saying ‘Someone needs to take my kid’. She was in tears, so I took the baby and put my hood up to shield her,” the teenager said.

The mother eventually was able to get off the bus and thanked Kiran for the assist as she was reunited with her child.

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