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Watch A Miniature Pig Face Off With A Black Bear

by Nolan Hawk

In an insane display of moxie, a miniature pig by the name of Barbie-Q fearlessly warded off a bear that had trespassed into her family’s farm.

The barn’s security cameras caught the tiny pig, who owners described as timid, charge directly at a black bear that dared to come near her dwelling.

The surveillance footage from the early hours of Sunday morning showed the bear wander near a outdoor gated area as several animals milled about after breaching a perimeter fence.

Barbie-Q stood sentinel outside of the the pen as the bear cautiously approached her step by step.

When the predator was just inches away, the miniature pig charged, which caused the bear to scamper away on it’s hind legs in fear.

The bear sat down several yards away and held up a paw at the six-year-old pig as if telling her to stay put, and stayed there for around thirty minutes before wandering away.

This extraordinary incident occurred happened on Crystal Walls home farm in Sooke, British Columbia, while she and her husband were away with their four dogs, who typically guard the farm from predators.

Walls saw the footage, when their housesitter called about a breach in the outer fence. She remotely check the cameras and saw the odd showdown.

“Lo and behold, there was our little mini pig Barbie Q fighting off a bear,” she told CBC News.

“He definitely did not put up a fight to Barbie. He got out of her way, it was very unbelievable to see.”

Walls said that during the time the bear sat in the farm, Barbie-Q herded animals who tried to get to close to the predator, back into their pen.

She acknowledged that the behavior of her beloved pig, was out of character, as she was raised indoors alongside the family dogs, and is so afraid of the resident goats that she flees from them.

“I did not think something that size, that she would even attempt to charge it,” Walls admitted.

A hungry bear in upstate New York thought it hit the jackpot when the door to Stephanie Behrens’ kitchen was left open.

In indoor security footage, the bear can be seen cautiously creeping thorough the glass double-doors and sniffs its way into the kitchen.

The bear’s mission was thwarted when Harper, the family dog, charged in the room barking furiously and it scampered out the doors.

In the video, Behrens’ ran to the doors after the bear exited and closed them before fleeing the room.

The bear returned to peer in through the glass panels, but ambled off after hearing Harper’s continued snarling.

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