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Watch As Brave Mother Thwarts Gun-Wielding Man In A Dirt Bike Attack

by Nolan Hawk

A Philadelphia mother stood up to a gun-wielding dirt biker who stomped on her car and shattered her rear windshield while her children were inside the vehicle.

The incident took place outside city hall on Sunday night and was captured on video by a tourist.

Nikki Bullock, the brave mother, had been delivering food for Uber Eats at the time, accompanied by her partner’s children, aged 5 and 2.

How the dirt bike attack went down

In an interview with NBC Philadelphia, Bullock said her primary motivation for standing up to her attacer was to protect her kids during the terrifying encounter.

The altercation initially began when Bullock changed lanes amidst a group of bikers who were not adhering to traffic rules.

The biker, feeling provoked, hit the side of her car, leading to a verbal exchange. The confrontation escalated when the biker went on to violently attack Bullock’s vehicle, prompting her to get out of the car and confront him directly.

How Bullock fought off a brazen dirt bike attack

In the video, the dirt biker attempted to jump on the car and damage it, but fell through the windshield instead.

Unfazed, Bullock stood her ground as the biker retrieved what appeared to be a gun from his pocket, then headbutted her with his helmet, before pointing it at her.

Despite the threat, Bullock continued to engage with the man, even pushing him off of his dirt bike when he tried to flee the scene.

“I’m just grateful that my kids are okay. There’s not a scratch on them. It was just the simple fact that I had kids in the car. I just wanted to protect them honestly,” she noted.

Though the back windshield was smashed in, her children were safe because the glass was tinted, which prevented it from shattering, she told CBS.

By Monday, the suspect had not been caught, but police had released his photos to the public. Bullock was unperturbed that her attacker was still out there.

“Justice will come to light and it’s only a matter of time,” she remarked.

Justice comes for Cody Heron after dirt bike attack

The matter of time came in mere days, as the suspect was identified as 26-year-old Cody Heron, who thanks to online sleuths who saw the viral video and good detective work by the police, was arrested on Tuesday night.

“SIG & Major Crimes Detectives have made an arrest overnight in the assault/vandalism that occurred on Sunday in center city, involving the male on the motorcycle,” posted Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore.

“Great tips from public and some outstanding detective work,” he added in the Wednesday morning tweet.

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