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Watch Karate Instructors Chase Off Carjackers In Crime-Ridden Oakland

by Nolan Hawk

Two brave karate instructors in California were caught on video thwarting an attempted carjacking amid rising Oakland crime rates.

The incident occurred on Aug. 14 at 2:45 p.m. on Piedmont Avenue. According to surveillance footage obtained by FOX KTVU, the victim was crossing the street to return to his parked car when another vehicle pulled up and two masked, hooded individuals jumped out.

Two nearby onlookers, who are believed to be karate instructors, sprinted towards the scene and swiftly smashed the windshield of the suspects’ car with what seemed to be wooden sticks.

Startled by the unexpected turn of events, the suspects abandoned their carjacking attempt, leaving the victim’s car behind, and hastily fled the scene in their own vehicle.

Oakland crime rates are on the rise

As crime rates skyrocket in Oakland, small businesses are facing a daunting challenge in keeping their doors open.

A week after the karate instructors repelled car thieves on a busy street in broad daylight, 45 robberies and 2 carjackings were reported in the city, prompting Oakland Councilmember Kevin Jenkins to describe the situation as “out of control.”

According to official statistics from the Oakland police, crime has seen a year-over-year increase, particularly in carjackings and robberies.

Violent crime has risen by 12% compared to the same time last year, while robberies have surged by 30%.

Oakland crime spike threatens small business

Recently, a local store owner from Oakland’s Fruitvale district withdrew a large sum of cash from a local bank, and was tailed back to his business by two suspects, who intentionally forced a minor car accident along the way.

The man was followed through the backdoor of his Boost Mobile store and physically assaulted for the money by two men who wore masks and were armed.

His wife and 9-year-old son tried to help the man fight them off, but stood down out of fear for their lives when one of the men indicated he would shoot the family if they continued to interfere with the robbery.

The owners said that the masked men made off with $50,000 and that the cash was not covered by their business insurance.

Oakland crime rates are out of control

“Someone has to do something!” the wife tearfully told KTVU. Her husband echoed the sentiment. “People don’t feel safe anymore! Especially in the City of Oakland!” he told the outlet.

Councilmember Jenkins also spoke out about the prevailing crime situation, expressing his frustration and determination to address the issue.

“I’m fed up with the chaos that’s taken place in our community,” he stated. “Every day I get calls from neighbors about the out-of-control crime. It’s imperative that we hold those in violation accountable.”

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