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Whataburger Employee Saves Preteen Girl From Sexual Predator

by Nolan Hawk

A Texas Whataburger employee became an everyday hero when they prevented a child from being sexually abused by an elderly man.

During the Tuesday afternoon lunch rush at a Whataburger in Texarkana, Texas, an employee noticed that a 79-year-old man was eating with a 13-year-old girl, and he didn’t seem to be her grandfather.

The unidentified worker thought that “something didn’t seem right about the situation,” and instead of ignoring their instincts and going on with their busy day, the brave employee called 911.

When the Texarkana police arrived, they tried to figure out what was going on between the pair, and discovered that they “barely knew each other.”

The preteen told investigators that she was walking down the street, when 79-year-old Michael Clark picked her up and took her to eat at the Texas fast food staple.

She admitted to Detective Cliff Harris that “barely” knowing Clark, meant that he had managed to “inappropriately” touch her during an illegal encounter a few weeks prior.

The girl also informed police that Clark had used their time at Whataburger to proposition her for sexual favor in exchange for cash.

Harris obtained a warrant for Clark’s arrest, and took him into custody the next day on charges of Indecency with a Child and Solicitation of Prostitution.

Thanks to a courageous employee, who refused to ignore a suspected crime, Clark is still in jail on a $225,000 bond.

States away, another 14-year-old girl was rescued from sex traffickers in Walmart last month.

Gwinnett County Police were dispatched to a local Walmart when a fight broke out amongst customers.

While they were on the scene a preteen “in distress” told responding officers that she had been held captive for two weeks, after running away from home.

According to detectives, she met accused sex trafficker Trevin Nicholas on friend finding app, Tagged, when she was drugged and forced to have sex with multiple men against her will.

Police found an ad soliciting sex with the 14-year-old girl online, and were able to link the listing to Nichols and Trey Trevillion.

They were both charged with sex trafficking and law enforcement officials are still searching for a third man they believe to be connected to the crime.

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