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Chicago Blues – Infectious Smile

Chicago blues Smilin' Bobby sits down with us to talk about how he is able to put a smile on most people who see him.
Smilin’ Bobby’s first love is Chicago blues

They call him “Smilin’ Bobby” because he smiles all the time. It doesn’t matter whether he is happy or sad, happy, or mad. Bobby is always smiling. And why not, he has a really beautiful smile to go with great guitar strumming Down Home Chicago blues music. But it’s his rhythm, beat, and upbeat tempo that gets you in the groove. You must start feelin’ it before Bobby can. He says if he isn’t feelin’ it the audience can’t. Come in, settle down, get in the pocket and start snapping those fingers. If you are sitting still he hasn’t done his job.

Smilin' Bobby playing his Chicago blues music on his Fender guitar.
Bobby’s Fender guitar is the joy of his life.

Bobby gives his whole heart at each Chicago blues performance

Bobby thinks constantly about how he can energize the crowd. He wants to give them the best blues performance possible each night. After all he says, “They come to hear me so I give my whole heart.”

Smilin' Bobby with his infectious smile provides the best blues music for Chicago.
Bobby’s infectious smile is what gave him his name.

Smilin’ Bobby and his down-home guitar blues music

Robert (Smilin’ Bobby) Smith is over seventy now. His infectious smile, his stringing blues guitar ability and upbeat Down Home Blues music has entertained crowds for years. Any night of the week you can hear the blues on the west side of Chicago clubs. In any one of those spots there are blues artists, some on stage, and some not. Smilin’ Bobby is a definite inspiring everyday hero in my opinion. What an infectious personality!!

Check out his music. You’ll agree he is the best Chicago and leave smilin’ too.

Video Production: Rocko Productions
Review Written By: M. Cardinal
Date Written: Mar 24th, 2020

Chicago Blues FAQs

Who was most known for Chicago blues?

Muddy Waters.
Bobby Schmidt (Smilin’ Bobby)
Buddy Guy.
Howlin’ Wolf.
Willie Dixon.
Bo Diddley.

Who started Chicago blues?

The Blues was born in the Delta and grew up on its journey from the country to the city, but the place it came of age was Chicago. When Muddy Waters got off the train from Mississippi in 1942.

What are the main features of Chicago blues?

It is based on the sound of the electric guitar and the harmonica, with the harmonica, played through a PA system or guitar amplifier, both heavily amplified and often to the point of distortion, and a rhythm section of drums and bass (double bass at first, and later electric bass guitar) with piano depending if needed.

Why is Chicago known for blues music?

Chicago, Illinois is a major center for music in the midwestern United States where distinctive forms of blues (greatly responsible for the future creation of rock and roll), and house music, a genre of electronic dance music, were developed.

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