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COVID 19 – Change… Change… Oh That Word!

by M. Cardinal

Our lives change due to COVID 19

It’s 5:30 ish in New York, a mid March 2020 morning. As I open my eyes to the hissing of the radiator and look out the four windows in front of me with their 12 panes each, I say to myself hello world, ”I’ve made it to another day, despite COVID19

Isolation at it’s worst

The only light I see is one streetlight, the houses are all dark. Hmmmm, where are the cars that usually are flying by and the whistle of the train as it starts it’s morning run, and an empty parking lot… I mean empty!! Eerie…so quiet! On the other hand, the radiator sounds so loud in the stillness. So, what will this day be like?

For me, a person who lives a couple of blocks from the hospital where the first case of COVID 19 was first diagnosed, in my area, it will be a day of seclusion, isolation.  Can that be true, I think. Not days or even weeks but months. It’s difficult to comprehend.

New York City is empty due to COVID-19
New York City

I remember how over the last weeks, I frantically searched the grocery stores and pharmacies and car supply stores for my future needs. To clarify, four months worth!

Empty Stores everywhere

What?…no Vitamin C, no paper towels, no hand sanitizer or zinc lozenges, no bleach, no toilet tissue, and no bottled water, really? Why? Moreover, why are people arguing?

Empty parking lots also due to COVID-19
Empty Garages once filled with cars!

As I recall those long lines at the check out, I think to myself… is this real or have I been dreaming. Neighbors fighting, families tense, worried and stressed out. Also, friends and families losing jobs or being told to work from home remotely. More importantly, the President and Governors and Health Officials and all other officials saying to stay home and protect yourself. A pandemic is upon us. A what? What is a pandemic? Not since 1918…what? What does all this mean?

That is to say, for me it is isolation, as the dimness of the early morning light gives way to the rising sun. I hear birds chirping and see a beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds through the bare limbs of the trees outside. Oh my, I think, for me it will be that word change. Instead of rushing off to the many classes that my area provides and seeing my friends or Little Charlie, and doing errands, my day will be different. As a result, every class, activity and event cancelled.

What a time to be alive

As I find projects in my home too occupy my time. Hopefully, help take care of my 2 year old grandson while his family works from home remotely. It leads me to think about the word technology. To clarify, isn’t it wonderful that they can work from home, that I can write these thoughts on my cell phone, that I can text my friends and family. WiFi, flat screen tvs, microwaves, air conditioners, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Wow, how lucky I am that as this pandemic shadow over my community.

So, while the hospitals are filled with sick patients, special service employees are giving their time and health to care for patients, I am here. That is to say, thankful that I live in a world where military vessels can help with the sick, that cruise line ships offer their ships to provide beds for the sick, of technology, opportunity, communication, freedom and good will. Most of all, for friends and family who care. And, for those little birds chirping on the outside, as I listen to them on the inside. hoping not to be one of the 40% that my state predicts to be a part of this awful pandemic.

So, for me, as I make this change, I remain thankful for another day and hope there will be many more.

COVID 19 Virus will not stop my smile!

To sum up, remembering …one of my favorite songs…skies are blue, red roses too…for me and you…I think to myself…WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!!!!

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Blog Written By: M. Cardinal
Date Written: March 23th, 2020

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