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FedEx Driver Kills Dangerous Prairie Rattlesnake On Homeowners Doorstep

by Nolan Hawk

A FedEx driver bravely took on a huge prairie rattlesnake while delivering a package in early August.

Matt Govier was delivering a a package to a home in Sumner, Nebraska, when he spotted the a large venomous snake coiled on the front porch.

In a video, which was captured on the homeowner’s Ring doorbell camera, Goiver placed the package on the top step and scanned it, while the snake’s tail could be heard rattling ominously.

When the delivery driver finally noticed the snake, he went above and beyond to protect the family who resided in the home.

FedEx driver by day, prairie rattlesnake exterminator by same day

According to NTV News, he grabbed a shovel and a rake from the garage attached to the house and came back to exterminate the prairie rattlesnake, which can grow up to 45 inches long.

Govier sent homeowner Christie Jones a text explaining what happened and apologizing for the mess he left behind.

“I hope you didn’t have a pet rattlesnake at your front door because I killed him,” he wrote in a screenshot Jones shared on Facebook. 

“Sorry about the blood,” he added in a follow-up note.

The delivery man even took care of the rattler’s body, placing it in a garbage bag he kept in his truck and throwing it away off of the property.

In the post, Jones thanked Govier and nominated him for FedEx employee of the year. She described the rattlesnake as “anaconda sized,” and noted that her 12-year-old daughter Kyler had walked out the door 20 minutes before the snake slithered up her stoop.

“Anyone who really knows me knows how incredibly fearful I am of any kind of snake,” she added.

Jones is “thankful” that Govier took care of the snake, because if he hadn’t she doesn’t know if she would be able to exit out her front door knowing the prairie predator was waiting for her.

“As it is now, I can tell myself that that was the only rattlesnake there,” she detailed.

Goiver had been hailed as an everyday hero for his actions, but he demurred when asked if he feels like one.

“I was just kind of put in the position where I had to do something,” he remarked.

Facts About Prairie Rattlesnakes

Meet the Prairie Rattlesnake – a fascinating species with a distinctive triangular head and a stunning body covered in dark blotches that transform into rings as they approach the tail.

Not only is this snake a visual wonder, but it is also thermosensitive, possessing an incredible ability to detect heat. Just between its nostril and eye, it has a heat-sensitive pit on each side of its head.

Prairie Rattlesnakes Range

One of the most remarkable things about the Prairie Rattlesnake is its expansive habitat. In fact, it holds the record for having the broadest range among all rattlesnake species in the country. From Canada to Mexico, its domain spans the vast expanse of the Great Plains.

While these snakes typically inhabit open grasslands and prairies, they are not averse to venturing into forested environments too.

Prairie Rattlesnake Bites

Prairie rattlesnake bites are not uncommon among humans, despite the fact that these snakes typically avoid contact.

However, a bite from a fully-grown prairie rattlesnake can be extremely dangerous and even deadly if not treated promptly.

The venom of these snakes contains a powerful combination of toxins, including hemotoxins, myotoxins, and potentially neurotoxins.

Prairie Rattlesnake Bite Symptoms

Symptoms of a prairie rattlesnake bite can include severe pain, swelling, and blistering, as well as nausea and vomiting.

The venom can also interfere with blood clotting and break down red blood cells, leading to more serious symptoms such as tissue damage, shock, and in rare cases, organ failure.

How Fast Can A Prairie Rattlesnake Bite Kill You?

The outcome of a Prairie Rattlesnake Bite depends on several factors, including the snake’s size, where the bite occurred, the individual’s overall health, how quickly medical intervention is received, and the ongoing monitoring and treatment of any complications after the patient is admitted.

However, if immediate treatment and antivenom are administered, the prognosis is generally good.

Unfortunately, without treatment or access to proper healthcare, severe complications like respiratory distress, paralysis, and organ failure can lead to death.

In fact, the death rate is estimated to be around 1% when appropriate treatment is not available.

Prairie Rattlesnake Bite Treatment

The main treatment for a prairie rattlesnake bite is early administration of antivenom. In addition, symptomatic treatment such as pain medication, platelet transfusions, and peritoneal dialysis may be necessary.

With prompt and effective therapy, the prognosis for a prairie rattlesnake bite is generally favorable.

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