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Police Officer Rescues Kidnap Victim During Traffic Stop

by Nolan Hawk

A South Carolina police officer was hailed as an everyday hero for rescuing a kidnap victim during a routine traffic stop.

Officer Wallace was commended by the North Myrtle Beach Police Department for “proactively patrolling,” and saving the life of a woman who was allegedly being forced into being a getaway driver from a crime scene.

When white Jeep blew through a red light at a highway intersection at 5:30 a.m., the NMBPD officer flipped on her lights and pulled the vehicle over.

According to Fox News Digital, Wallace noticed that the woman behind the wheel of a white Jeep appeared to be distressed during their interaction.

Without attracting the attention of the male passenger, she silently mouthed “help me” to the officer several times.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, the Wallace swiftly removed the man from the car and secured him in her patrol vehicle.

When Wallace was able to speak to the frantic woman without the man present, she revealed that he had shot someone in the stomach and made her drive him away from the crime scene in his SUV.

Almost immediately after the woman told her story, an alert advising the police force to keep their eyes peeled for was issued over the radio for the White Jeep, which they noted was involved in a shooting near The Waterway House in the Myrtle Beach area.

The man in the back of Wallace’s patrol car, identified as 29-year-old Collins Bates, was apprehended and charged with attempted murder and kidnapping.

A search of the vehicle revealed a firearm matching the caliber of the casing found at the crime scene.

Another police officer was also hailed as an everyday hero for going above and beyond to save lives while on the job.

Kansas City East Patrol Captain Joshua Gasper noticed a house on fire and quickly raced to the scene.

He radioed the fire department for help, but bravely entered the home alone without protective gear.

Gasper encountered two occupants of the house and helped them to safety, which is when they told him that another person was still inside the house who lived in a downstairs apartment.

Despite the growing flames, Gasper re-entered the home and conducted a room-to-room search on the first floor.

Firefighters arrived before he could locate the victim and were able to quickly find the man after Gasper helped eliminate potential locations.

They credited Gasper’s heroic efforts for saving the man’s life, affirming that without him, the person in the downstairs apartment would not have survived.

Following the incident, Gasper even ensured the well-being of the man’s dogs before returning to work.

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