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Watch A Father Smash In A Windshield To Save A Baby

by Nolan Hawk

A Texas father sprung into action to save the life of his young child in a situation that was rapidly heating up.

A man was captured on camera repeatedly smashing a car windshield with a tire iron in Arlington, Texas.

This wasn’t an act of criminal mischief, but of a desperate father trying to save his baby from sweltering 100 degree heat.

The man’s small child became trapped inside the family car, when the man and his wife accidentally locked the keys in the vehicle while they were parked outside of a gas station.

With the heat rising at 10:30 in the morning, and no help on the horizon, the panicking parent began to bash in his car’s windshield to get the baby out.

Breaking the glass was no easy feat, and required two men to repeatedly hit it before a hole could be created in the Buick’s windshield.

One of the men could be seen sticking his arm through the newly created opening, presumably to reach the door locks, but it was clearly unsuccessful.

The video jump cuts to a much larger hole in the windshield at the :25 mark, and a woman can be seen trying to pass the baby through the broken glass from the inside of the vehicle.

The father gratefully grabs the squirming infant from the woman and comforts his child.

According to the Harlingen Police Department, officers arrived on scene after the panicked parents had already staged a rescue for their trapped child.

An ambulance arrived on scene with the police and were able to give the baby a check up on site, which revealed that the infant was fine.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 950 children died of heatstroke from being left in a hot car.

The agency warned that it only takes ten minutes for a car to raise 20 degrees, and children’s body temperatures rise three to five times faster than adults.

Last year, 33 children died of heat stroke, which can happen when their body temperatures rise to 107 degrees.

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