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Watch A Man Jump Into Rapidly Moving River To Save Little Girl

by Nolan Hawk

A brave bystander was seen literally jumping into action to rescue a tiny girl from drowning in a fast-moving river.

On Sept. 11, an unnamed seven-year-old girl nearly lost her life when she plunged into a river in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, China.

This was no lazy river, in video footage from the incident, the current was pulling her along quickly as she appeared to be face down in the water.

That’s when an unidentified man saw the girl floating and jumped off of a several story balcony on the side of a rock face, and dropped into the water without hesitation.

He expertly front-crawled through the quick current and was able to grab the girl, then fought the waters to bring her back to the side of the rock wall.

With the apparent help of others, the girl was hoisted up by a rope that had been tied to her pink and purple backpack, and safely back on dry land.

The little girl, who was wearing black and white checkered pants with matching shoes, was fussed over by adults as she stood dripping while they untied the ropes around her.

In another heart-stopping video, nurse Charis Putmon, 35, was filmed saving the life of a young boy who was in danger of choking to death at a restaurant in Georgia.

The video, which has gone viral with over 10 million views on TikTok, a mother was holding her child when she noticed that he had something in his mouth.

She can be seen telling the boy to spit it out, but quickly realized that he was choking on the object while they waited in the lobby of Tacos and Tequila Mexican Grill in Buford, and called over his father.

“When I looked over and I saw the look in the dad’s eyes, and the look of terror and despair on his face, that’s what made me jump up out of my seat,” Putmon remarked.

Putmon and her husband were in the middle of ordering margaritas at their table when they noticed the commotion and she got up to give the child the Heimlich maneuver.

“I just remember just coming around and just picking the little boy up and reacting,” she explained.

“I remember after the second, third thrust, I remember whatever was in his mouth was dislodged and the dad was like ‘Thank you he’s ok’.”

The mother of five was tearfully embraced by the boy’s mother in the aftermath.

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