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Watch: Heroic Farmer Saves 120 From Hamas Israel Attack

by Nolan Hawk

Recently surfaced video footage showed an Israeli farmer bravely saving around a 120 young people from the inhumane Oct. 7th Hamas attack at a music festival.

Farmer Oz Davidian fearlessly embarked on approximately 20 treacherous journeys in his truck to save as many survivors as possible from the nightmarish Supernova festival, while taking fire from terrorists and witnessing horrific acts of violence.

Because of his singular efforts 120 young concert goers survived the shock attack that kicked off the Israel-Hamas War, while 260 of their innocent peers’ lives were mercilessly taken, according to the Times of Israel.

Watch footage from farmers dashcam of Hamas Israel attack

Dashcam recordings that were posted by Channel 13 on X, formerly Twitter, showcase Davidian’s heroic efforts as he was seen expertly maneuvering past wreckage-strewn vehicles and human remains.

“Watch out! Terrorists!” he urgently warned his passengers in the video, which showed his multiple trips down the ten-mile stretch between Kibbutz Re’im, Maslul, and the adjacent Partish.

In an interview with the outlet, Davidian detailed a spine-chilling encounter he experienced along the way when he discovered two individuals near the body of an IDF soldier, whom he initially mistook for fellow Israelis.

He initially believed that their presence was a good thing, as it was indicative that Israeli soldiers and paramedics had finally reached the scene of the massacre, but quickly realized that they could be terrorists.

“I addressed him in Arabic, and asked, ‘Are they dead, are there injured?’ and he answered, and then suddenly I understood that he was a terrorist and he understood that I was a Jew,” Davidian told the outlet.

The video chronicles the chilling instant when Davidian recognized the truth and abruptly accelerated as gunshots erupted in his wake.

He said it was a “miracle” that none of the rounds of they fired struck his truck. “They were spraying everywhere with bullets. You can’t get your head around that level of evil. They shot at everything that moved.”

Farmer witnesses horror during Hamas Israel attack

Elaborating on the horrific acts he witnessed, Davidian revealed that he witnessed terrorists committing acts of sexual assault against women, where one terrorist was standing guard as another raped a young woman.

Along with that despicable incident, he was shocked by the staggering amount of lifeless bodies of young people.

“You saw piles of corpses, one on top of the other, as if they’d been together and were just slaughtered and fell on top of one another in the shooting,” he recalled.

During the incident, Davidian successfully rescued a reserve IDF officer who had been present at the festival and guided him to the suspected locations where survivors might be hiding amidst the massacre.

Upon reaching Route 232, they were met with a disheartening scene – hundreds of lifeless bodies littered the road and a nearby field.

The vehicles of those who had tried to flee had lifeless concertgoers still inside, some had been torched, while others still had their blinkers on.

Davidian’s own family – his wife and four children – took refuge in their shelter while he went out on multiple rescue missions.

He told the outlet that he knew leaving his family behind to help others was the right thing to do.

“When you see hundreds of young people, dead and wounded and fleeing into the fields and terrorists shooting in every direction, you put everything to one side, the fear, the family, and you go to get them out,” he commented.

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