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Watch Police Rescue A Woman Held By A Serial Kidnapper

by Nolan Hawk

Bodycam footage shows the moment members of the Akron Police Department saved a woman who had been held hostage and tortured by a serial kidnapper for days.

Police said that a woman was allegedly abducted by a serial kidnapper who subjected her to horrifying acts of violence and terror.

Serial kidnapper holds victim for days

According to Fox News reports, the suspect beat the woman with a baseball bat, poured gasoline on her, and even threatened to set her on fire.

Authorities stated that the victim and the suspect were acquainted, and the abduction occurred when the man offered her a ride home in October.

However, instead of bringing her home, he drove her to the outdoor shed where she was imprisoned until the garage’s owner stumbled upon the shocking scene and contacted the police.

Recently released bodycam footage revealed the intense moment when Akron Police surrounded the shed where the victim was held.

They demanded the suspect, identified as William Mozingo, to surrender with his hands raised. As officers apprehended Mozingo, they discovered the victim hidden in the ceiling of the garage.

A ladder was used to help the woman, who appeared ghastly with pale skin and two black eyes, safely descend to the ground.

Victim of serial kidnapper reveals heartbreaking details of her captivity

Speaking to Fox 8, the brave survivor, identified as 23-year-old Chloe Jones, shared her harrowing ordeal and how the thought of her son gave her the strength to endure.

Despite constant threats and fear for her life, she revealed that the image of her son’s face was always in her mind.

She recounted how Mozingo taunted her, using the idea of never seeing her child again as a weapon to instill further terror.

Mozingo was taken into custody and charged with several crimes, including assault, unlawful restraint, kidnapping, abduction, parole violation, and escape.

He is currently being held at Summit County Jail on a $100,000 bond, but it’s shocking that he was even allowed to out in society in the first place.

Serial kidnapper has a lengthy criminal record

Prison records indicate that Mozingo has a lengthy criminal history, with multiple convictions for abduction in 2011, 2014, and 2019.

He held a woman at knifepoint in a Walmart bathroom in 2017, and in his most recent attack in 2019, kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, brutally assaulted her, and left her unconscious in his Canton, Ohio, residence.

After serving a short 18 months in prison, Mozingo was released on parole, only to commit these horrifying crimes once again when he abducted and tortured Jones for days.

In a GoFundMe page that Jones’ mother Jessi set up, she noted that her daughter was Monzingo’s fourth kidnap victim and detailed the horrific torture she endured by at his hands.

Mother of victim reveals how serial kidnapper tortured daughter

“She was tied up, doused with gasoline and threatened to be lit on fire. Chloe was beat from head to toe with a baseball bat and fists,” Jessi stated.

She noted that Chloe was held at knife point and not afforded bathroom breaks during the days of torture.

“My daughter was choked multiple times all while being told if she passed out he would cut her throat. He wanted her awake and fully able to comprehend everything he was doing to her,” she said about Mozingo’s sadistic actions.

According to her mother, Jones spent three days in the ICU with facial fractures, brain bleed, broken arm and fingers, and has been left with her face partially paralyzed by the violence.

Jessie said that beyond the physical injuries, the emotional trauma will far outlast their healing.

“My daughter never thought she was getting out of that shed. She succumbed to accepting her death,” her mother stated. “She will never be the same, her life as she knew it is over.”

Jessi blasted the justice system for doing nothing to prevent Mozingo’s repeated attacks against women, with Jones’ abduction coming just four months after his latest release from prison.

“There was no reason why this man should have been on the streets. He has proven time and time again that he WILL OFFEND AGAIN,” she wrote. “They KNEW he was going to take another victim, and the justice system did nothing to prevent it.”

The Akron Police captain, Michael Miller, expressed satisfaction in rescuing the victim and wished her a successful healing and recovery.

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